Back 4 Blood: Deluxe vs Ultimate Edition

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Back 4 Dead deluxe and ultimate provide new cosmetic changes to the base game, but the latter offers more and is available as a physical game.

Back 4 Blood is a recently released cooperative first-person shooter game where players are tasked with killing zombie-like creatures that have parasitically claimed human hosts. However, this game has different versions that provide varying content. With the deluxe and ultimate editions of the game available, players should know how they differ before deciding whether the cosmetic additions the ultimate edition introduced is worth it.

Back 4 Blood Deluxe Version’s Content

With the deluxe version of Back 4 Blood, players receive an annual pass with three upcoming downloadable content drops, new additions to the story, new playable characters, and a mutated version of Ridden. For those who are on the fence about which version to purchase, collectors who would prefer a physical copy should also know that the deluxe version is digital-only, unlike the ultimate edition, which has a physical version.

Back 4 Blood Ultimate Version’s Content

However, the ultimate edition of the game includes all of these additions and more. On top of what the deluxe edition provides, the ultimate edition includes four new skins for each of the main characters that perfectly encapsulate the horror they’ve had to endure termed “the battle-hardened skin pack” which, as the name suggests, gives these characters a physical transformation to go along with the psychological one they no doubt experienced throughout the game. These additions can only help distinguish this first-person shooter.

Aside from the story changes, three upcoming downloadable content drops, and visual changes, the ultimate edition of Back 4 Blood also provides other cosmetic changes that add new and exciting changes to the base game. The ultimate edition also includes eight re-mixed versions of some of the game’s songs. Additionally, the ultimate edition of Back 4 Blood features new cosmetic items including an emblem titled ultimate featuring the iconic skull logo of the game as well as a new spray with a graffiti aesthetic featuring the game’s title.

Ultimately, many of the changes introduced in the Back 4 Blood ultimate edition are aesthetic, but for those who appreciate new visual and audio differences that provide a renewed identity to the base game, this version delivers. Though, because many players are either partial to the space conserved with digital games or the satisfaction of owning physical copies, the fact that the ultimate edition is the only one between the two with a tangible game is worth taking into consideration. In sum, while the deluxe edition of Back 4 Blood is cheaper, the ultimate edition adds onto the gritty aesthetic that the base game is known for with the added story, visuals, and audio.

Back 4 Blood is out now for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.


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