Sunday, February 5, 2023

Gaming Projects

Vervewalkers: Spoils of War – A Hero Questing Tabletop RPG

A hero questing fantasy TTRPG, with unique playable species and mechanics, including levelling up via chapters and sabotage actions

Kickstarter Project: The Army of the Undead VOL.1

3D Printable STL Files for Collecting and Tabletop RPG - Compatible with Tabletop Games like D&D or Warhammer. Game...

Gaming Project: A Blast from the Past Hits Fundrazr

A Blast from the Past is a mobile (possibly PC) game that encompasses Andrej Stojanovski, a detective in Grumpytown, working as a...

The Beastmaster Princess By Winterwolves Heads to Kickstarter

A visual novel set in the fantasy world of Aravorn. Find out what happened to prince Merril! For Windows and Linux

Kickstarter Project: Beverage Hills

Lets Make Ameri-canz Great Again Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming project coming soon...

Kickstarter Project: Balljefe!

A balls to the wall, action platformer game! Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming...

Kickstarter Project: Minigunner by Crystal Fruit Games Ending Soon!

An intense tower-defence action roguelike game with twin-stick shooter controls and bullet hell combat. Game Geeks News is proud...

Kickstarter Project: Christmas Mystery

Become a detective in this Christmas adventure, in which you will have to investigate the mysteries of Santa Claus’ secret Village.

Kickstarter Project: ILLFROST – A 5TH Edition Campaign Setting

Illusionary Press is a publisher of tabletop RPG products and supplements.  Their signature line, Illfrost, uses the 5th Edition rules from the...

Acrosin: The Game That Shows How Dirty Your Mind Really Is

The outrageous, acronym-based game we finally dare to bring to the market. Test your wit and creativity by creating unique acronyms!

Nada-Online Coming Soon to Kickstarter

Play as you want! Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming project coming soon to...

Mobile Game Nessie Slide Hits Kickstarter

Just a little Nessie sliding around the World on Water Slides! Game Geeks News is proud to bring you...

OXS Thunder 7.1.2 Gaming Sound System with Neck Speaker – Live...

True Dolby Atmos® 7.1.2 | First Satellite Neck Speaker | Built-in Subwoofer | PS5, Xbox & PC | Music & Movie

Design Koalas “Beastking” Heads to Kickstarter

Spore-like, multiplayer PC game where you roam the expansive open world to hunt down stronger creatures to assimilate their parts
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