Kickstarter Project: EGO EXINNO 240W/120W : The King of Chargers

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The world’s highest output and smallest charger at 240W USB charger with real-time wattage display.

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another amazing Kickstarter project. EGO INNOVATION LTD is a startup franchise that mainly focuses on product innovation, whose aim is to provide sought-after products for people around the world. They have manufactured and sold over 300 products during this period. Ego Innovation has over 200 physical stores and 50 online shops worldwide and has created 3 Kickstarter projects which have been successfully delivered.

EGO Innovation`s latest crowdfunding project is the EGO EXINNO 240W/120W 6-port wall charger has a real-time wattage panel visual display, which offers a truly incredible design, the EGO EXINNO 240W/120W 6-port wall charger delivers impressive power from a compact size. And you’ll get to see it to believe it because it has a real-time wattage panel that you can view. This product fast charges up to 6 devices at once, including laptops, phones, and USB gadgets. In fact, it can even charge three MacBooks at one time. So small that it’s easy to hold in your hand, it manages to have a super high output of 240 watts. Moreover, the real-time charging speed display keeps you apprised of how well it’s powering up your gadgets. And, because all the ports are fast charging, you never have to choose which device you want to reach 100% battery first. Revolutionizing the world of charging technology, EXINNO gives you full control.

Exinno’s 6 USB ports are each equipped with independent fast charging chips. When 6 ports are utilized at the same time, they can all enter the fast charging state. You can fast charge up to 3 computers and 3 mobile phones at the same time, saving desktop space.

Why is EXINNO the world’s first 6 port simultaneous fast charge charger?

Making a 6 port fast-charging USB Charger is very challenging because, besides the expensive cost of 6 fast-charge chips, there is also a complicated power formulation.

6ports X 6 voltage X over 7 Quick charge protocols =252 distribution.

Many people have experienced problems such as a damaged charging cable, a non properly connected charging cable, forgetting to turn on the power, an AC adapter that does not support the charging mode, a device not charging, or unexpectedly slow charging speeds. EXINNO incorporates an iconic design in this digital age with a real-time LED wattage display panel. Each charging port has a real-time charging wattage display that is updated 3 times per second and a fast-charging status indicator.

The wattage display allows you to monitor the speed at which your device is charging at. There is no need to check if each device is charging, it is clear at a glance. The display panel bends at a specific angle to facilitate optimal reading. You can clearly know the power distribution status of each port and arrange the devices which need the most power to charge at the fastest ports!.

EXINNO is the world’s first 240W Gallium Nitride (GaN) charger in a small pocket size. It is the world’s smallest 240W charger and is up to 70% smaller than traditional chargers.

The Exinno is the first portable charger in the world to feature not one, but two GaNFast NV6127s and two GaNFast NV6125s designed by Navitas in Los Angeles, California. This enables the 240W power to be reached with minimal heat and maximum efficiency.

EXINNO contains the latest GAN semiconductor technology as of 2021. After years of development, GAN technology has become much more mature. We have designed 4 GAN chips inside the body to achieve maximum efficiency to control heat generation and reduce the overall size of the charger.

For more information and to back this kickstarter campaign, or to pre order one right now at a discounted price of just $112 visit their kickstarter page here.


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