Twitch Streamer Destiny Has Been Banned

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Twitch streamer Destiny is banned again, this time for ‘sharing personal information related to the recent massive Twitch hack.

Twitch streamer Destiny has always been a controversial figure, going back to his initial years as a competitive Starcraft 2 player. It’s no surprise then that Destiny has, on and off again, been banned from Twitch. As such, it likely won’t be too surprising, even to Destiny’s followers, that the Twitch streamer has once again been banned from the platform. It isn’t clear at the moment how long Destiny’s ban will be, as the streamer hasn’t provided an update on the subject.

Officially, Destiny has confirmed that he was banned from Twitch for “sharing personal information.” While Twitch either hasn’t provided specifics on the matter or Destiny hasn’t shared specifics, followers of his Twitch channel believe they know exactly what led to the ban. During a recent Livestream, Destiny spoke about the massive Twitch leak. The leak included a list of corporate email addresses, and Destiny reportedly read one of the email addresses on-stream.

It’s entirely true that Twitch’s terms of service tell streamers not to share the private information of others. The publically shared Twitch Community Guidelines explicitly state that it is prohibited to share “content that may reveal private personal information about individuals,” “personality identifiable information,” and “restricted/protected social profiles or any information from those profiles.” Or, in more general terms, it’s prohibited to share any information that “violates another’s reasonable expectation of privacy.”

Suffice to say, Twitch employees’ email addresses fall into one or multiple of those guidelines. An email address shared among professional connections or within the company has an expected level of privacy versus being shared publically. That’s especially true given the toxicity toward Twitch employees many users have, and especially so among Destiny’s fanbase which is known to have a vocal minority of very toxic people.

There are certainly voices within the Twitch community questioning the necessity of the ban. Many have voiced that they believe sharing email addresses if that is the reason for Destiny’s ban, isn’t a ban worthy offence. They think email addresses are effectively public in the first place. Of course, they’re just trying to be supportive of Destiny.

It can be assumed, regardless of whether one believes that Destiny’s actions are harmful or not, that Twitch is going to take the situation regarding the recent hack very seriously. Rather than wait for a potentially harmful situation to occur, a proactive approach to the situation is being acted on now. The Twitch hack has the potential to leak significantly more personal details of Twitch employees than just email addresses. And an email address could be the connection necessary to find more dangerous personal information. There’s a reason Twitch’s community guidelines cover this subject broadly.


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