The Quarry: All Tarot Cards Locations


Tarot Cards are crucial collectables that give players a chance of seeing glimpses of the future concerning multiple characters.

Tarot Cards are considered Collectibles and are important for players who wish to know a bit about the future in The Quarry. At the end of each chapter, including the Prologue, a woman who appears to be a fortune-teller, asks players about the Cards they collected. This woman is a non-playable character that goes by the name Eliza Vorez.

It appears that those Tarot Cards once belonged to her, as she asks the people to collect them back. As a reward, she explains each Card and asks if players wish to delve deeper into the Card’s hidden future. Accepting allows a small scene to play on her crystal ball that may or may not happen in The Quarry. Keep in mind that if people present her with more than one card, she can only probe into one future.

All Tarot Cards Locations In The Quarry

There are a total of 22 Tarot Cards scattered around Hackett’s Quarry Summer Camp that can be collected throughout the Prologue and the next ten chapters.

PrologueThe FoolWhile playing as Laura, players are going to investigate the woods while Max repairs the car. From the muddy slope, walk forward for a bit and The Fool Tarot Card will appear.
Chapter 1TemperanceOnce Jacob enters the lodge through the window, go to the kitchen near the main door and the Temperance Card is leaning on some pots
Chapter 2The Hanged ManWhen Nick and Abigail are collecting woods, choose Rocky Road and keep walking until a white sign appears. To the path on the left is The Hanged Man Card.
Chapter 3The StarThe TowerIn the Boathouse, after Emma sends Jacob to find towels, heading towards the canoes will change the camera angle to The Star Card.After the whole truth and dare fiasco, Abigail gets lost in the woods. While walking along the path, Abi will hear voices and there will be two cutscenes. After that, proceed forward to claim The Tower Card.
Chapter 4StrengthThe MagicianThis card is obtained through a cutscene. When the group is helping Nick into the lodge, quickly grab the Strength Card before the cutscene ends.While controlling Emma, step back to the dock behind her and the camera will shift to The Magician Tarot Card.
Chapter 5The DevilThe HermitThis card is obtained through a cutscene. When the group is helping Nick into the lodge, quickly grab the Strength Card before the cutscene ends.Still playing as Dylan, upon reaching the Radio Hut, go to the left near the antenna tower to find The Hermit Card.
Chapter 6JusticeThe MoonAfter crossing the broken bridge as Jacob, go down the stairs then head left to obtain the Justice Card before climbing the stairs on the right.In the Pool House when Abigail is searching for stuff to comfort Nick, go to the shower section and enter the middle stall so that the camera focuses on The Moon Card.
Chapter 7The WorldThe ChariotWhile controlling Laura, go near the cell’s door to find The World Card under the bed.Still controlling Laura, go to the main office in the Police Station and walk between the desks to see The Chariot Card.
Chapter 8The LoversWheel of FortuneThe EmpressThe EmperorIn the mines after the cutscene where the platform breaks, head left to the small platform and seize The Lovers Card.The Wheel of Fortune Card is found automatically after Laura enters the Nightmare Tunnel in the Quarry Mine.From the barrels’ hallway inside the Hackett’s Basement, go left inside a room and The Empress Card shall appear.Get back to the barrel’s hallway and follow the path and The Emperor Card will be at its end.
Chapter 9DeathThe SunJudgmentThe HierophantInside the bedroom, while controlling Ryan, stand next to the black cage to find the Death Card on top of the cabinet.When Laura enters the piano room, climb the stairs and proceed to the room on the left. Walk a few steps into the room to see The Sun Card outside the window.While playing as Dylan in the Scrapyard, climb the stairs to arrive at the top of some containers. Proceed left to discover the Judgment Card.In the Storm Shelter back at the camp, Abigail can find The Hierophant Card near the stairs.
Chapter 10The High PriestessWhen Kaitlyn goes back to the lodge, climb the stairs next to the bedroom on the second floor. Head left and The High Priestess Card will be there.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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