Norwich’s Fortnite Live festival was a complete disaster •

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A festival designed to recreate Fortnite on the outskirts of Norwich has, somewhat predictably, not lived up to expectations.

Event organisers flogged 2500 tickets to kids and parents. Entry cost upwards of £12 and unlimited access wristbands a further £20.

In return, families got what amounted to a few fairground attractions. Photos from the event show a climbing wall for three people, archery for four people, and four go-karts.

An attraction dubbed a “cave experience” was a lorry trailer with tarpaulin over it.

Image credit: Justine Peterson.

An indoors area where you could play actual Fortnite was probably the best thing there – although it cost money to access and you had to queue to do so. So much for free-to-play.

And all of that was if you could actually get into the event to start with. Hundreds of people were left queuing for hours due to staff shortages.

Refunds were available to those who requested them at the event, although Fortnite Live’s Facebook page – where many more were demanding their money back – is no longer accessible.


Image credit: Justine Peterson/SWNS/East Anglia News Service

“[It was] like the episode of Father Ted when the fair comes to Craggy Island,” one woman told BBC News.

“Fortnite is all about hunting people down and killing them. I felt like doing that to the people who organised it,” another woman told The Guardian.

It’s worth noting Epic Games had nothing to do with Norwich’s Fortnite Live, or the event’s extensive use of Fortnite branding.

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