Minecraft Player Shares Incredible Doom Map That Took 2 Years To Make


A fan creates an impressive Minecraft map that brings in enemies, weapons, and visual aesthetics from the modern Doom reboot series.

Even after ten years, Minecraft is still being pushed to its limits by passionate map creators looking to create new adventures in the game. Considering how widespread its fanbase is, community projects paying tribute to other IPs is inevitable, and a solo developer has successfully completed an impressive one featuring gameplay inspired by the Doom series.

Minecraft is a game built around player creativity, with simple systems combined with advanced commands that allow players to craft a wide range of experiences. Public servers are well known for making use of commands and plug-ins to create elaborate mini-games, but seeing such work put into single-player maps is less common.

In a post, solo developer Sibogy discusses the development process, which they say took over 1200 hours. The post is accompanied by an intense trailer showing gameplay involving many iconic Doom weapons and enemies, all taking place in a world built around an impressively detailed resource pack made to capture the grim feeling of Doom.

The implementation of weapons on its own is very impressive, as Minecraft normally has only two types of bow and arrow for ranged combat, but the fact that there appear to be no game modifications required is especially interesting. The installation process does not cover installing any mod frameworks, only the map and resource pack. This means every weapon had to have been created using only Minecraft‘s built-in tools, meaning there are no complicated installation processes to go through in order to make the map work properly.

The map makes heavy use of custom models, textures, and even gameplay mechanics to capture the feeling of Doom, and to achieve such a feat in Minecraft is no small task. Even details like an ammunition display and blood splatter when killing demons are visible, and impressively weapons have reloaded animations to add even more authenticity to the experience.

Even if Minecraft has a vast amount of mods available, the technical feats Sibogy manages to pull off in the stock engine make the Doomed: Demons of the Nether map stand out from the crowd in a big way. Unfortunately for those that prefer to play Minecraft on console, the map will only work on Minecraft Java Edition. On the bright side, Java Edition players will be happy to know that the map is free to download. Doomed sets a high bar for attention to detail in Minecraft adventure maps and would be a fun experience for any Doom or Minecraft fan.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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