Funko Eager To Produce Nintendo-Themed Pop Figures


    Funko Pop

    Love them or hate them, the big-headed Funko Pop figures are seemingly here to stay. At this year’s New York Toy Fair, Newsweek sat down with the Funko CEO Brian Mariotti to discuss the future of the company.

    One interesting comment made by Mariotta during the interview, was how one of Funko’s main goals is to secure the license for Nintendo’s IP.

    “We still have to get those Nintendo characters.”

    Funko had somewhat of a breakthrough in the past year with The Pokémon Company, allowing it to produce a Pokémon Funko Pop line, including a seasonal Pikachu run.

    “To build that relationship is super important to us. We all grew up playing Pokémon, with so many fans around the world, it’s amazing to land that license finally.”

    Mariotti believes this is just the beginning, stating how production is going to be increase this year, with the plan to make four Pokémon Pops for each quarter.

    “We’re going to ramp it up a bit with what we did last year.”

    Do you collect Funko Pops? Would you like to see Nintendo-themed ones? Tell us in the comments.

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