Fortnite Survey Reportedly Asks Players If They Want Crossovers With Elden Ring, GTA, And How I Met Your Mother


Everyone and Your Mother are coming to Fortnite.

It’s anyone’s guess which new character is going to shoot you in the back and start flossing over your corpse in Fortnite. Epic’s larger-than-life battle royale shows no signs of slowing down when it comes to collaborating with any and every IP on the planet. Hell, in a few days from now, the Naruto faction in the game is about to add more names to its roster. There’s no reason for Epic Games to stop, in fact – and from this latest development, it appears that the devs might actually be looking to double down on the IP guzzling.

As spotted by Guille_GAG on Twitter, it appears that Epic Games has reportedly sent out a survey to affiliate players, asking them about the kind of collaborations they’d like to see in Fortnite (thanks, PCGamesN). The list includes the characters from video games, TV shows, and anime – which is par for the course. But it also includes clothing brands like Zara, Nike, and Ray-Ban; motor companies like Tesla, Lexus, and BMW; a whole list of celebrity names, including Jack Black and RuPaul; and finally, IPs like The Daily Mail and Tomorrowland.

Even some of the TV and games entries include titles like Elden Ring, GTA, and How I Met Your Mother, which seem a bit out of place. So, next time you’re running around as Iron Fist Alexander, you better keep an eye out for Ted Mosby, who might no-scope you – or worse, tell you the story of how he met his wife as Elon Musk runs over you in a Tesla while smoking a joint.

An interesting point that Guille_GAG noted was that some of the names or IPs have already made their way to the game. Perhaps Epic is also trying to glean which past collaborations they should continue cycling into the mix.

However, even if Epic has indeed sent out this survey, it doesn’t mean that the developer is in talks with all of them for a collaboration. If we were to speculate, this is most likely some sort of market research being carried out by the company. These are usually done so that the sales and collaboration teams have an understanding of who and what kind of IPs to approach for possible collaborations.


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