Satisfying Halo: Infinite Clip Shows Rude Player Getting Instant Karma


A Halo Infinite player clips an enemy unloading rounds into their dead body, only to then capture that enemy receiving some major instant karma.

After an explosive launch back in November 2021, Halo Infinite has since seen quite the decline in overall player numbers. Stemming from delays, a lack of updates, and connection issues, Halo Infinite is still looking to find its footing and get back on track.

However, that is not to say that the game is an overall bad one; many diehard fans of the series still tune into it daily due to its unique combat and community. Not only that, but many consider Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer as one of the best in the series due to the addition of new abilities and game modes.

This alone is a very good sign for the game heading into the future, as the multiplayer of Halo games have traditionally been the game’s strongest aspect. With Halo Infinite forge mode footage leaking online, it seems custom games may be joining the game soon as well. However, competitive multiplayer has always been the backbone of the games due to unique combat mechanics as well as the wacky moments possible within. One such moment came recently when a player was gunned down by a rude enemy, only to watch said enemy receive some instant karma.

Reddit user Error0117 was the player who captured the hilarious moment, posting it on the platform with the title “karma at its finest” to emphasize the fantastic ending to the clip. What happened was that Error0117 engaged in a firefight with an enemy and lost; however, the enemy took it a step further by firing tons of rounds into Error0117’s corpse. However, the enemy then ran around a nearby corner and straight into the bumper of an oncoming Warthog, dying instantly. Though Halo Infinite‘s multiplayer differs from other franchise entries, thank goodness it kept vehicles for incredible moments like this one.

However, this clip was further elevated by a key detail other Reddit users pointed out. Whenever the rude player was hit and killed by the Warthog, Error0117 received full credit for the vehicular manslaughter that took place. This confused other users; normally, when a teammate kills an enemy after another has damaged it, an assist will be given, not a full kill. However, in the clip one can catch a glimpse of the Warthog’s driver and notice their red colouring; the rude player was smashed into by a member of his own team.

This discovery elevates the video even further, marking another random moment in Halo multiplayer that fans can appreciate along with more skilful shows like a Halo Infinite player wiping out a group of snipers. It is this combination of clips that defines the franchise’s multiplayer, and shows that Halo Infinite may be just a handful of fixes away from regaining its popularity.

Halo Infinite is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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