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Scarlett is launching in 2020, and Microsoft fans may just have found out about some headline features coming to the next-gen Xbox.

During E3 2019 Microsoft revealed more about the Xbox Scarlett, confirming that it will have a holiday 2020 release date.

It was also confirmed that Halo Infinite will be a launch title and that it will boast ray tracing visuals and support up to 8K graphics.

The Xbox Scarlett sounds like it will be a powerhouse of a console, with more details set to be revealed in the run-up to its launch.

But ahead of more official news dropping Xbox fans may have found out about some of the features the Scarlett will be launching with.

As revealed in a post by Windows Central, Microsoft has filed a number of eye-catching patents recently.

One patent shows a VR headset along with a boundary mat that marks the edges of a map that players can walk.

The patent shows the VR headset connected to a console and a camera, which could indicate that virtual reality is coming to the next Xbox.

While Xbox fans may be expecting virtual reality with the Scarlett, the other features the patents outline are a bit more surprising.

One filing shows a motion controller that Microsoft is looking into which can be controlled with just one hand.

While a third filing shows a Nintendo DS-like stylus being developed for a home console.

It remains to be seen if any of these ideas actually end up featuring on the Xbox Scarlett, or if it’s simply features Microsoft are looking into.

In other Xbox news, Microsoft has come out to squash claims that the next Xbox would be launching with a built-in camera for game streaming.

In a world where YouTube, Twitch and Mixer streamers can make an absolute fortune in cash, this sounded like a clever idea to get content creators on board with the console.

Unfortunately, however, fans have been dealt a blow, because Microsoft has denied plans to include a 4K camera with the console.

As revealed in a post by Gizmodo: “A Microsoft spokesman denied any camera technology is in development and that none has been delivered to developers in any form”.

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