True Surf: The Surfing Simulator Game


True Surf is a surfing simulator game developed by True Axis, the same creators of the hit mobile game, True Skate. Complete with realistic physics, real-world surfing locations, and a fun character progression system, True Surf has quickly become a highly competitive and popular eSports title.

In the intense world of competition and high-skill play, a few notably talented players have emerged. Today, we’re taking a quick look at True Surf pro “Andrew L.A.”, one of the most dominating players in the scene. With dozens of tournament wins under their belt and a growing YouTube channel that’s as helpful as it is entertaining, Andrew L.A. is riding the wave of eSports talent with style.

Andrew L.A. began their True Surf career in late 2018, and over the past three years, has risen to the top ranks in the competitive community. Originally born in Rio, Brazil, Andrew L.A. now calls the city of Washington DC home, where he competes in True Surf game World Surf League (WSL) events and uploads tutorials and true surf tricks videos to his YouTube channel. Andrew L.A.’s YouTube channel: ( is the second-most popular True Surf channel on the platform, with dozens of YouTube video tutorials, true surf game competition videos, and impressive true surf spots surfing clips.

That said, Andrew L.A. isn’t just a True Surf star on YouTube, as they’ve also continuously won official tournaments and trick competitions in both open True Surf events and E-Surf League competitions.

With over 30 tournament wins and clip-of-the-week awards, Andrew L.A. has flexed their True Surf skill time and time again. Currently sitting at level 34 in the game’s progression system, Andrew L.A. knows their way around the virtual True Surf surfboard, able to pull off perfect performances in various surf spots while documenting it for the world to see. If you’re thinking about getting into the competitive world of True Surf or you simply want to improve your skills, Andrew L.A. is the player to watch.




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