Today’s big Fortnite update adds mobile controller support •


Part of Fortnite’s mobile charm is the more relaxed pace of how it plays. Everyone is on the same, touchscreen playing field – which makes things a little less sweaty than on PC.

No more, however! As of today’s patch 7.30, you’ll be able to connect a Bluetooth controller and start building and shooting at speed. Time to get good… or at least, a little better.

Elsewhere in today’s update, the latest new item arrives in the form of the Chiller Grenade. Lob one of these on your opponent and it’ll cause them to react as if they are on ice for seven seconds. It’s a common item, so expect to see it lying around fairly regularly.


Speaking of item changes, Epic has continued Fortnite’s merry-go-round of weapon removals by vaulting the Bolt-action Sniper Rilfle, Burst Rifle and Heavy Shotgun (sigh…). Patch 7.30 also swaps out the standard SMG for the Suppressed version.

Fortnite season seven now has just two weeks remaining, and with the Ice King’s troops recalled home it remains to be seen how Epic will finish off its snowy storyline. We still haven’t seen the game’s snowboard item – is that still coming? And what’s going on with that chained up prisoner slowly being revealed in Polar Peak’s dungeon?

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