The Kid Laroi Fortnite Concert Event Time, How to Join, Free Rewards & Challenges


Here’s everything you need to know about The Kid Laroi’s Fortnite concert including the start time, how to participate in the event, the free rewards available, and more.

We’ve had several Fortnite concerts over the years, all of which have been a huge success. However, none have topped the Travis Scott concert.

With more than 12 million players participating in the Travis Scott concert, it’s unlikely to be topped. However, all of the recent concerts have been a fun experience.

There were rumors another Fortnite concert would be coming at the end of January, and those rumors turned out to be true.

The Kid Laroi x Fortnite concert was announced on January 23rd, 2023 that also included information the Kid Laroi’s skin.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Fortnite Kid Laroi event.

What Time Does The Kid Laroi Fortnite Concert Start?

The Kid Laroi Fortnite concert will start at 6 PM ET / 11 PM GMT.

How to Watch / Join

In order to experience the concert, players can select The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams tile on the discover screen or input the island code below:


There’s also an afterparty playlist that can be found on the discover screen or by inputting the code below:


The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams Quests / Challenges

During both the concert and afterparty, players can complete challenges for XP and special rewards.

Here’s a list of the quests for the main concert and afterparty:

  • Smash furniture (2)
  • Escape the beast (1)
  • Defeat the beast (1)
  • Complete the Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams experience

Afterparty quests:

  • Collect music notes (5)
  • Dance at the afterparty (1)

Free Rewards

Here’s the list of the free cosmetic rewards that are available at The Kid Laroi’s Wild Dreams concert and afterparty:

  • Love Again Lobby Track
  • Thousand Miles Lobby Track
  • Laroi & The Rogue Loading Screen
  • Laroi Was Here Spray
  • Laroi’s Tag Spray

Here’s what the rewards look like:


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