The Case for a Dead Space 2 Remake After the Original


With Dead Space Remake looking incredible, EA Motive should focus its attention on making an updated version of the sequel next.

EA Motive’s remake of the original Dead Space has certainly turned some heads since it was first announced. The developers behind the game are clearly putting a lot of effort into the remake, updating everything from the visuals to the sound design to make Dead Space work with a modern audience. With extra effort put into Isaac’s breathing, and dialogue being added for the protagonist in the first game, the remake is making some stellar improvements.

Considering how much effort EA Motive is putting into this version of Dead Space, it makes sense for the developer to continue working on the series. Instead of taking Dead Space’s new dismemberment features and crafting a wholly new game, though, Dead Space 2 deserves a remake just as much as its predecessor. As such, EA Motive should turn its attention to Dead Space 2 for its next project.

Dead Space 2 is Every Bit as Strong as The Original

An analogy that gamers often use to describe the first two entries in the Dead Space series sees the first game being compared to Alien and the sequel compared to Aliens. Much like these two horror classics, the first entry goes all-in on horror while the sequel has more of an action focus, though it does not completely lose the scares. Further, just like Alien and Aliens, both Dead Space and Dead Space 2 are excellent.

Dead Space 2 mixes in a far more compelling story and some exciting action set pieces that the first game lacked, with Isaac being relentlessly chased by creatures and needing to pull off some flashy manoeuvres to take certain Necromorphs down. With Dead Space 2 being the first game to give Isaac a voice, he is a far more intriguing character instead of a silent vessel for the player, and the story benefits from this change. Seeing Isaac break down from exhaustion and question his sanity part way through the narrative is tragic, and it becomes easier to care about what is happening to him because he has his own identity.

Further, while Dead Space 2 has relentless pacing that gives gamers almost no time to breathe, it still has its share of scary sequences. The return to the Ishimura is horrifying, for instance, while the regenerator’s comeback will keep any gamer on the edge of their seats. Beyond that, Dead Space 2’s infamous eye poke machine offers a new type of horror, and some scary new Necromorphs were introduced like The Pack and the Stalker that would be fun to fight again with some better AI.

With these systems surely taking some work to craft, it makes sense for EA Motive to want to use them across multiple games. Though players may be against the idea of a whole new Dead Space story being told without Glen Schofield, there would likely be no pushback against the entirety of the original trilogy being remade. Further, much like Resident Evil 4 is being altered to have more of a horror approach, Dead Space 2 and especially Dead Space 3 could be adjusted so they are just as scary as the original game.

Dead Space 2 shines because of its thrilling set pieces, stronger gameplay, and a more likeable version of Isaac Clarke. A remake could allow players to see all the exciting action and Isaac’s stylish Advanced Suit in a modern engine, with all the improvements being made for the Dead Space remake being carried over. While some may prefer the original, other Dead Space fans favour the sequel, showing that both games deliver in a major way. As such, it only seems right that Dead Space 2 is next in line for an upgrade.

Dead Space will release on January 27, 2023, on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.


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