Tabletop RPG based on Video Game Comes to Kickstarter


Dreamlords Digital & Wyldekardes World launches Kickstarter for Graywalkers Purgatory Tabletop RPG

Game Geeks News are proud to bring you another amazing project currently running on kickstarter. Wyldekarde’s World is a new entertainment company focused on the creation of geek-centric content such as tabletop games, comic books, video content and more. Dreamlords Digital is a 10-year-old video game development studio that created the turn-based video game adaptation of Graywalkers Purgatory, which is currently an Early Access title on Steam. Dreamlords Digital in cooperation with Wyldekarde’s World are excited to announce the launch of their Kickstarter Campaign for Graywalkers Purgatory the tabletop Roleplaying Game.

This new campaign setting can be released for 2 different systems:

• 5E Compatible Version – built to be compatible with the D&D 5E rule-set, the most popular tabletop RPG in the world. It also makes available rules for play in modern & post-apocalyptic settings for 5E bringing new options to the game
• Weavemaster Version – an original system used in the video game and was initially created as a tabletop RPG system to give it a tabletop experience. It is a 3D10 Opposed Dynamic Roll system meant to handle and deliver a more exciting, more versatile and more visceral tabletop gaming experience.

Both versions of the Core Book will contain the following contents:

• A unique campaign setting where supernatural creatures have conquered the world and it has been ravaged and humanity is close to extinction
• Explore the island of Purgatory, a dangerous place made up of displaced landmasses that was made during the Rupture.
• Customize your character from choices of 8 Races, 10 Classes/Path, 20+ Sub-classes/Builds, 200+ Abilities, 30+ Gifts, 30+ Edges & Flaws, 20+ Prelude backgrounds and literally hundreds of gear (weapons, armor, accessories, equipment)
• New rules designed for running in modern or post-apocalyptic setting in both systems (5E & Weavemaster) • A dynamic and detailed combat system that allows players to be more dynamic and creative during combat with their actions
• Encounter or fight against all manner of creatures such as Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Demons, Angels and others that go bump in the night.
• A vehicle combat system designed to allow you to drive around a post-apocalyptic landscape.
• Tons of deep and interesting lore about the creatures, the factions, the people and the world itself and beyond.


The books are expected for release by the end of the year 2021. The Graywalkers RPG campaign setting is just the first among several multiverses to be released from Wyldekarde’s World. New campaign worlds will slowly be introduced as part of what will be called the Shift Zone Multiverse. With help from backers and the community, the campaign will be reached, and will hopefully be able to expand the universe with more products.


The GRAYWALKERS PURGATORY RPG is a game setting that is a stylish and dark modern horror fantasy set in a supernatural post-apocalyptic future world wherein parts of Heaven and Hell had merged with Earth. This was brought about by a cataclysmic event called the Rupture which caused the destruction of most of the world.

You play as a Graywalker, one of the 36 Hidden Righteous Ones destined to protect, improve and save humanity. Your goal is to help humanity reclaim the world from its supernatural oppressors and to help rebuild humanity into a better and brighter future.

Imagine a world where the Earth is overrun by supernatural creatures and they are the dominant species. Humanity had been reduced to 1% of its population and creatures we considered monsters such as demons, vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, and all things that go bump in the night have dominated the world. Humans and new human hybrids try to survive but most have lost the determination to fight back.

Hope is not lost though as there is a destiny that the Graywalkers will lead the fight to reunite everyone in a war to reclaim the world from the supernatural invaders.


Want to know more about the world of Graywalkers and a sample of content that will be in the Core Book itself? You can now download the Graywalkers Primer. Click on the image below.

The Core Book will introduce up to 30+ Creatures and Characters for use in your game. Some of them will be new, while some might be our own take on these popular creatures to make them fit the world as it is envisioned. For those who will be using 5e, then you can use all the other monsters from that book though we do recommend the Graywalkers variant of similar creatures such as Vampires (Bloodcursed), Werewolves (Mooncursed), Zombies (Rotters), and many others.

However, these are just a few of the denizens of the world of Graywalkers. If they reach certain stretch goals, they will release a Creature Catalog which will add at least 50+ more characters specific to the world. For more information be sure to check out the kickstarter.

There are several goals for being here on Kickstarter:

The team are raising funds for 2 things primarily. The first is for the printing of physical books. Secondly, they need the funds to get more and better art done for the books.
They want to reach a wider and more current audience for Graywalkers Purgatory RPG, and all the other Graywalkers Purgatory products they have and will have.
They want to build a community around the Graywalkers IP and grow it in preparation for all the other worlds and stories they want to share.


There will be three (3) main shipments of physical products. Books in PDF will be sent out to backers as they are completed.

Stage 1 (November 2021)

Early Access to the Core Book PDF (Beta Testing) of both 5E & Weavemaster
Stage 2 (February 2022)

All PDF & Digital Products (From Main Rewards)
Main Core Book (Physical)
Some Physical Products (From Main Rewards and some Stretch Goals)
Stage 3 (2nd quarter 2022)

All Remaining Physical Products from Stretch Goals
All PDF & Digital Products from Stretch Goal.

You can also reach the team through various social media platforms and leave a note where they will be sure to respond as soon as they can.


For more information and to back this amazing campaign, be sure to check out their kickstarter here.




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