Starlink: Battle For Atlas Is Getting New Star Fox Content And A Free Splitscreen Racing Mode

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    Starlink: Battle for Atlas is about to receive a lovely sounding dollop of new content. Fasten those Arwing seatbelts, folks.

    First up is what Ubisoft describes as a “significant” content update called ‘Crimson Moon’. This update will arrive completely free of charge across all platforms and will release on 30th April, coinciding with the launch of the base game’s new Windows PC version. Here’s what to expect from this free content:

    As part of the free update, players can explore the Crimson Moon, theater of the Outlaw Games. Players will be able to compete in all-new single-player and two-player split-screen racing tracks, fight waves of ruthless enemies in the Crimson Coliseum and see their rank and stats on leaderboards. The Crimson Moon will also impact the entire world of Atlas and let players engage with new faction story missions and weekly challenges. Additionally, players will be able to expand their roster and play through the new Crimson Moon content with five new pilots, three new starships and eleven new weapons available separately for digital-only purchase.

    Star Fox racing, huh?

    Switch owners are getting another treat on top of this, however, with brand new Star Fox content coming exclusively to Nintendo’s console. Players will take control of Peppy, Falco, and Slippy as they hunt down the Star Wolf team in a series of missions. Each of the three Star Fox team members come with their own unique abilities and skill tree.

    Because you can’t have everything in life for free, this content will be a digital purchase that will cost $11.99. Again, this will be available on 30th April.

    Excited to see more Starlink: Battle for Atlas content? Will you be jumping in to check it all out? Tell us below.

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