Return to Monkey Island: How to Steal LeChuck’s Map to the Secret


Before they can return to Monkey Island, players will need to find a way to steal LeChuck’s map to the titular island’s long-standing secret.

Part 2 of Return to Monkey Island has quite a few tasks for players to complete. First, they’ll need to find a way to escape the ship’s hold and must then figure out how to get their hands on a flattened skull. After that, players will have two main story objectives which can be tackled in any order.

As well as convincing the crew to go along with Guybrush’s plan, players will also need to steal LeChuck’s map to the secret of Monkey Island. This guide will go over the latter, while also explaining what players need to do once both tasks have been completed.

How to Steal LeChuck’s Map to the Secret of Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island players will be able to steal LeChuck’s map at any point after Gullet tips over the potion and Guybrush is promoted to First Swab. Despite LeChuck making a big deal about how important the map is and highlighting the fact that it is the only one in existence, it’s actually fairly easy to steal, though players will need to cover their tracks in order to avoid getting caught.

To steal the map, players simply need to head up onto the ship’s deck and make their way to the far right. As per the piece of paper there, ringing the nearby bell twice will lead to LeChuck making his way up onto the deck in order to shout at his crew. After a few moments of this, players will regain control and can then make their way down to LeChuck’s now empty cabin. Once there, they’ll be able to get LeChuck’s Map by swapping it out for the map to the mop tree that Wally made for Guybrush in Part 1.

How to Get to Monkey Island

Assuming players have already gotten the crew to vote for his plan, they’ll now be one step away from returning to Monkey Island. All that’s left to do is to find a way to get Murray’s flattened skull over to Captain Madison’s ship, which, much like stealing the map, ends up being remarkably simple. Players need only load Murray into the cannon up on the ship’s deck, after which, Guybrush will automatically fire him over there.

There’ll then be a short cutscene in which Guybrush accidentally reveals his identity. Once it’s over, players will have a chance to partake in a spot of insult sword fighting. Sadly, however, there’s no way to win, so their choices are completely meaningless. Eventually, Guybrush will find himself being knocked down to the ocean floor, which signals a conversation about his remarkable breath-holding abilities and the beginning of Part 3.

Return to Monkey Island is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.


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