Return to Monkey Island: How to Convince the Crew to Go to Monkey Island


Before players can return to Monkey Island, they’ll first need to find a way to convince LeChuck’s crew to go along with Guybrush’s ingenious idea.

Despite Guybrush managing to find a flattened skull to complete the Monkey Island potionReturn to Monkey Island players still have plenty of work to do if they’re to make it to the series’ titular location. Luckily, Guybrush has come up with the perfect plan to get there, though there are a few obstacles that he and the players will first need to overcome before putting his plan into motion.

With LeChuck’s crew all voting against Guybrush’s scheme to follow Captain Madison’s ship, Return to Monkey Island players are going to have to find a way to change their minds. There are five neigh sayers in total, with each one requiring something slightly different in order to switch their vote. As is often the case though, where there’s a will, there also tends to be a way.

How to Convince the Crew to Go to Monkey Island

Unfortunately, for the crew to accept his idea, Guybrush needs to secure a unanimous result, which means convincing all five of LeChuck’s underlings to change their minds. The good news is that most of the crew can be swayed relatively easily and players can get them to do so in any order they like. That said, in the interest of efficiency, it helps to work on them all at the same time as there’s a fair bit of overlap between crew members.

How to Convince Iron Rose to Change Her Vote

Upon speaking with the ship’s quartermaster Iron Rose, players will learn that she’s lost her faith in LeChuck and has forgotten why exactly she agreed to join his crew in the first place. Luckily, Guybrush just so happens to have a motivational pamphlet explaining all of the benefits of being part of the ghost pirate’s crew. Showing her the pamphlet will remind her why she does what she does and is all that’s needed to get her to change her vote.

NOTE: If players didn’t pick up the Pamphlet at the beginning of Part 2, they’ll be able to find it down in the ship’s hold.

How to Convince Putra to Change Her Vote

Convincing the ship’s cook Putra to change her vote is just as easy as convincing Iron Rose. Speaking with her a little will reveal that Putra will always vote the exact same way as the ship’s quartermaster, so, assuming players have already shown Iron Rose the pamphlet, they’ve already managed to change Putra’s vote. However, that’s not to say that Putra is entirely happy with the current status quo.

If players ask Putra why people don’t call her “Chef,” she’ll reveal that her job title is actually “Cook,” but that’s not for lack of trying. She’s been trying to get a promotion for quite some time now but LeChuck refuses to sign off on it. If players offer to help, she’ll hand over her Request for Promotion, which players will need to get LeChuck to approve. Sadly, simply giving the request to LeChuck will not be sufficient.

That said, players should still go and speak to the ghost pirate and try to tell him about Guybrush’s plan to get to Monkey Island. He’ll cut them off mid-sentence and make a point of reminding Guybrush who’s in charge before handing over the First Swab’s Report. Players will then need to use this report with five of the following stains and sanitation issues in order to completely fill it out:

  1. The ghost rats outside LeChuck’s cabin.
  2. The greasy porthole in the hold.
  3. The grease spots in the hold.
  4. The splattered ghost chicken glop in the hold.
  5. The galley.
  6. The potion stains on the deck.
  7. Gullet, who is stuck in the ship’s rudder.

NOTE: In order for the chicken splat to show up in the hold, players will need to feed some Chicken Feed (found in the sack by the ladder) to the ghost chicken above the crate in which they found Murray and then leave and re-enter the hold. To add the galley to the list, players simply need to use the report with any of the many health and safety issues that can be found in the ship’s kitchen.

Upon filling out the report, players should head up to the deck and give it to Iron Rose, who’ll approve it and then hand it back to Guybrush together with some other Papers that need LeChuck’s seal of approval. Once this happens, players should open up their inventory and add the request for promotion to the papers they just received to get the Combined Papers. Next, players should give the combined papers to LeChuck to receive Putra’s Stamped Request for Promotion, which they can then hand over to Putra.

How to Convince Flair to Change Her Vote

Speaking to Flair outside the kitchen will reveal that she’d be willing to change her vote if Guybrush can retrieve her grandmother’s whale knife, which she left stuck in the back of Gullet before LeChuck through him overboard. Luckily, Gullet can now be found stuck in the ship’s rudder, which players can reach either by heading through the greasy porthole in the hold or climbing over the railings on the deck and then heading to the far left. Once down there, players should grab the Whale Knife from Gullet’s back and then take it back up to Flair to secure her support in the vote.

How to Convince Flambe to Change His Vote

Flambe can be found up in the crow’s nest. Upon speaking with him a little, players will learn that he’d be willing to change his vote for a Scorched Alaska, which means heading back down to the kitchen. If players have already helped Putra to get her promotion, she’ll whip up the desert in a jiffy. Unfortunately, the Scorched Alaska isn’t quite hot enough as is, but players can remedy this fairly easily.

Near the canon up on the deck, players will find a glowing stick and can use Guybrush’s knife to cut off the tip. They can then combine the Still Red Hot item with the Scorched Alaska in their inventory to increase the latter’s heat level. Giving this to Flambe will be enough to secure his vote. In fact, he’s so happy that he’ll even agree to let Guybrush borrow his Joke Book for a day, which will come in very handy in a moment or two.

NOTE: If players are playing on Casual Mode, they won’t need to increase the heat level of the Scorched Alaska before handing it over to Flambe.

How to Convince Apple Bob to Change His Vote

Apple Bob can be found hanging upside down next to Iron Rose. If players chat with him a little, they’ll learn that he’s bored and craving entertainment. Despite saying that he’s up for just about anything, he’ll rubbish any idea that Guybrush puts forward. Well, any except reading, that is. Luckily, players just so happen to have a joke book in their possession, and giving this to Apple Bob will be enough to get him to change his vote.

How to Call Another Vote

As per the piece of paper that’s pinned up on the far right of the deck, players will need to ring the bell once in order to call for another vote. Assuming they’ve already convinced the other five crew members to agree to Guybrush’s plan, they should do exactly that, which will lead to a unanimous result. Now, players simply need to steal the map to the secret of Monkey Island from LeChuck’s cabin and then find a way to get Murray over to Captain Madison’s ship.

Return to Monkey Island is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.


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