Random: The Console War Is Over, WWE’s Seth Rollins Prefers Switch To PS4 And Xbox One

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    Seth Rollins

    The Switch and professional wrestling have become somewhat intertwined of late. Nintendo’s console benefitted from the promotional push of the one and only John Cena at launch, and more recently it has been used to fuel storylines. Heck, we’ve even seen the Switch enter the ring.

    However, as far as actual games go, Switch owners haven’t seen an official WWE outing since the 2018 entry – which, given the sorry state of WWE 2K20, might not be a bad thing. Still, that doesn’t mean the system doesn’t have its fans within the world-famous organisation – in fact, WWE superstar Seth Rollins has now gone on record to say that he prefers Nintendo’s machine to Sony and Microsoft’s offerings.

    Speaking to the BBC as part of its Premier League predictions feature – in which celebrities are tasked with guessing the weekend’s scores – Rollins mentioned that he liked playing FIFA on his Switch:

    Am I any good when I play Fifa? Erm, no. I like to think that I am good, but I doubt it. I can play on the Switch OK, but if you get me on the PlayStation or an X-Box, it is foreign to me. Who else plays? Cesaro, Sheamus and Rusev have all played a little bit too. I know they all prefer the PlayStation though and I just don’t go there because I get beat. I stick where it is simple and easy on the Switch.

    So there you have it; Rollins has spoken. The console war is over; everybody pack up and go home. Nothing to see here.

    (We’ll ignore the bit where he says it’s “simple” and “easy” and instead blindly focus on the fact that out of the big three manufacturers, he picked Nintendo. Good lad.)

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