PUBG New State download: Next PUBG Mobile update revealed


KRAFTON has confirmed that PUBG New State is getting a new update before the end of the month.

The development team behind PUBG New State has confirmed that a fresh update for the new shooter is launching very soon.

The game is currently celebrating reaching 40 Million Downloads, following its release earlier this year.

Those who want to collect all the fresh freebies will need to log in a lot over the next seven days to make sure they don’t miss any addons or cosmetics.

New rewards include Chicken Medals and BP Random Boxes each day, with the event scheduled to begin today.

All the rewards listed below are time limited, meaning you will miss out if you don’t login each day this week:

  • Day 1: Chicken Medal x 3
  • Day 2: Troi 150% BP Card x 1
  • Day 3: BP Random Box (M) x 1
  • Day 4: Chicken Medal x 3
  • Day 5: BP Random Box (M) x 1
  • Day 6: Erangel 150% BP Card x 1
  • Day 7: Chicken Medal x 3

Meanwhile, Krafton has confirmed that a new PUBG Mobile update will be launched next week to help improve performance and overall gameplay.

A message from the PUBG team explains: “The Battlegrounds will undergo maintenance next week. For this patch, we will be implementing updates mainly to tackle bugs, make improvements, and enhance the anti-cheat system.

“We also took a lot of the feedback we’ve received from the community and focused on making improvements for controls, squad kills, and sound systems in this patch as well.”

Patch notes for the new update are as follows:


  • Will add a function where players that are using unauthorized 3rd party programs and get kicked from a match as a result will now be marked as such in the kill feed.
  • “We’ve strengthened our anti-cheat measures by having real-time bans and restrictions take place. We’re planning on adding this function so that Survivors can better see the bans that are taking place.”
  • Will enhance the restrictions, suspensions, and bans being levied on unauthorized 3rd party program usage.
  • Improvements to the Controls Systems
  • “We’ve fixed issues related to the gyroscope and controls that were reported to us by numerous Survivors.”

Changes and Improvements to Gyroscope

  • Will fix the issue where the horizontal and vertical sensitivities of the gyroscope did not match.
  • Will add inverted controls for gyroscope.
  • Fixes for Bugs Involving Controls
  • Will fix an issue where sometimes only the joystick controls would work when using control scheme options #1 and #2.
  • Will fix an issue where the joystick on the left side of the screen would sometimes not work when using control scheme option #1.
  • Will fix an issue where an additional touch control could be inputted while using the Free Perspective button in control scheme option #1.
  • Will fix an issue where the Auto-Run field would appear very small.

Fixes for Bugs Involving Squad Kills

“We understand that there are cases of Survivors deliberately killing their squadmates, which removes the fun and is quite frustrating for those affected. Because of this, we plan on making improvements to squad kills by using feedback we received from the community. Currently, we are developing a system that punishes Survivors who were judged to have deliberately killed a squadmate by temporarily restricting them from squad matchmaking. This will be implemented into the game in December. After this update, Survivors will not take damage when they are hit by a vehicle being driven by a squadmate. In the future, we will continue to investigate and take strong measures against trolling and deliberate actions that negatively affect the experience of other Survivors on the Battlegrounds.”

Changes and Improvements to Sound Systems

Will fix an issue where the sounds of footsteps were not consistent in certain situations.

“We implemented the first round of improvements for in-game sound systems in the Nov. 18 patch. In this patch, we plan on implementing the second round of improvements.”

QoL Improvements

  • Will add a full sprint character motion for smoother movement and to improve overall character motion.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Will fix an issue where characters would bounce back to their original positions when walking or running on stairs or the edge of buildings.
  • Will fix an issue where scope sights would intermittently be displayed abnormally.
  • Will fix an issue where a grey ball would sometimes appear in the lobby.
  • [iOS] Will fix an issue where the graphical quality of the game would look very low when accessing the game via deep links.
  • Will fix an issue where colliding with a building while parachuting would inflict an abnormally high amount of damage.
  • Other bug fixes


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