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According to Yamauchi, the new game will look to past releases for inspiration, and may also support VR.

“I think the next title that we’re going to create will be a combination of the past, present and future – a complete form of Gran Turismo,” he revealed, before revealing what the company will do with added next-gen processing power.

“The first thing that’s going to be affected by more power is VR,” he continues.

“I don’t think that there’s anything else that requires that much processing power. I really like VR; I’m one to believe in the possibilities of it, and it’s very suited for a driving game.

“VR is something that really depends on the evolution of GPU power, and the hardware for it, like display devices even. It’s something where you can never have enough computing power; there’s always going to be that hardware limit, and that limit is never going to be high enough for us!

“Obviously that’s going to gradually improve over time and we’ll make sure to follow that.”

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