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Announced during the State of Play live stream event, Sony confirmed hey had a great new PSN bonus for September 24.

And the best bit is that it will be hitting the PlayStation Store today, a week before the new PS Plus free games.

fans hungry to play the Medievil Remake will be able to download a free demo today.

There have been plenty of demos and open betas to play over the past week, including the Modern Warfare crossplay test.

But now gamers will have access to something really special, ahead of the MediEvil release date.

The difference between this new trial and many others is that it will only be available for a short length of time.

The new MediEvil demo will be disappearing on October 7 and also include a special bonus for the full game.

“Shamble your way through the graveyard as you slice through Zarok’s resurrected zombie horde – just don’t forget to grab your sword from the crypt,” a message from Sony explains.

And make sure to keep your single eye out for the Dan’s Helmet item – an elusive piece of armour that appeared in the Japanese version of the original PS1 title.

“Picking up Dan’s Helmet early within the demo will reward players with an extra challenge when equipped in the full game, so don’t miss out!

“The Short-Lived Demo is only available until October 7th at 12:00am Pacific, so don’t miss this chance to re-live a piece of Sir Dan’s legend!

“Sir Daniel will be revived in glorious native 4K when this classic PlayStation game, remade from the grave up, launches on October 25, 2019.”

This announcement was followed by news of the official PS Plus free games lineup for October.

Usually revealed on Wednesday, Sony announced that The Last of Us Remastered and MLB The Show 20 would be included.

These will be available to download and play on Tuesday, October 1 and will replace Arkham Knight and Darksiders 3.

“In anticipation of the next chapter of Naughty Dog’s epic adventure in The Last of Us Part II, now is your time to jump into in The Last of Us Remastered,” the message from Sony adds.

“Whether you have already played the game and want to relive Joel and Ellie’s epic journey – or experience it for the very first time, The Last of Us Remastered has you covered with both The Last of Us and The Last of Us: Left Behind.”

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