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PS4 owners be warned: this is your last chance to download and play one of the console’s best games for free.

To celebrate the recent EVO fighting games tournament, Capcom teamed with Sony to make Street Fighter 5 available for free.

The free Street Fighter 5 trial began on August 1 for PS4 and PC, and ends on August 11.

This means you only have a few hours left to download and play the blockbuster fighting game.

The free Street Fighter 5 download includes the base game and all of the Season 3 content.

This includes returning characters such as Sagat, Blanka, Cody and Sakura, as well as new fighters like Falke and G.

As an added bonus, fans can pick up Street Fighter 5 content at reduced prices for a limited time.

“If you like what you’re playing in the #SFV free trial, take advantage of these limited time offers on the full game and extra in-game content now!” Capcom explains.

The base game is down to just £7.39, while the Arcade Edition costs £15.99. Various costume packs and stages can also be picked up at a reduced price.

Some of the better options include the Season 1-3 Nostalgia Costume Pack, which is down to £7.99, and the Capcom Costumes Bundle 1, which costs £11.49.

Elsewhere, the Professional Costume Pack is reduced to £6.19 and the Story Costume Pack Seasons 1-3 is £7.99.

The free trial has coincided with the launch of three new characters.

This includes E. Honda from Street Fighter 2, as well as Poison from Final Fight.

The final new character is also tied to the Final Fight series. Lucia Morgan is a detective from the Special Crimes Unit of the Metro City Police Department.

The characters can be purchased individually, or as part of the Summer Character Bundle for £11.99.

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