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The reasons why you should not miss out on Potato Streams if you are a sports fan

Being a sports fan is not a simple thing, especially if you follow more than one game. Even in just football, you need a subscription to different service providers like Sky, BT, etc. to watch all the matches of your favorite team. That is hundreds of pounds of monthly subscription charges. There is a solution, though for those who can’t afford to spend extravagant amounts to watch extraordinary football games. It’s nothing like the best football streaming sites. It’s called Potato Streams, an app. No subscriptions, no charges; download and go watch it!

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I don’t just watch football!

Yeah! We know right! Just add a few hundred pounds more to your subscription and streaming charges and you are good to go. But it’s not that easy to part with your hard earned money now, is it? Potato Streams has you covered if you are a fan of any of the most popular sports in UK in addition to Football (Soccer for the Yanks). We cover all the big ticket matches of Boxing, Rugby, F1, Cricket, and continue to add more games as and when our users request them. We can do this because we are ourselves ardent sports fans, and suffice it to say, we know what you go through.

Is it just as patchy as official streams?

We take pride in our use of the latest technologies in the development of Potato Streams. Unlike whatever you may have experienced on best football streaming sites like firstrow sports/vipbox/batmanstreams, etc. Potato Streams helps you watch every live sports event consistently, match after match. Your screen isn’t plastered with hard to close ads or annoying pop-ups. Since there is no subscription fee, once you have downloaded the app, it runs smooth time and again.

best football streaming sites vs potato streams
No fan would write such a review for the best football streaming sites.

No crashing your match-party. Open Potato Streams on your phone a couple of minutes before the match and you are good to enjoy the live event without any hassles. We have intentionally kept the user interface to a simple one for ease of use and least use of your phone’s resources so that you get the best experience when watching your favorite team play.

Okay, I’m interested! What games do you cover mate?

Potato Streams has been consistently working to provide higher quality (HD) streams compared to shady links available on the best football streaming sites. Though we don’t exactly show every sport that exists on the land, we do our very best. These are the games we cover currently:

  • Football (Soccer)
  • Boxing
  • UFC
  • NBA
  • Formula 1
  • NFL
  • NHL
  • Cricket
  • Rugby

Which Football events are live on Potato Streams?

Potato Streams does a bang good job when it comes to Football, the most popular sport in the UK. We cover the Premier League, the best of the EFL Championship, the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League, The UEFA Nations League. Wouldn’t you chuckle if we told you that we stream even the boring International friendlies just in case some of you are boring yourselves to death on a weekend.

To put it a vague manner, all football matches of any importance will be live on Potato Streams. There’s even a request feature if you wish to watch a match. We can Bet the best football streaming sites don’t offer features like requesting streams.

We won’t let you miss a single kick of the ball. Promise!

What about Boxing?

All big ticket boxing events are live on Potato Streams. And Yes, by big-ticket we mean all those high-profile Pay-per-view bouts that cost an arm and a leg will be live on Potato Streams. As with football, you can request a particular boxing event and we’ll do our best to get it to your phone’s screen.

How much of the Races does Potato Streams cover from F1 or MotoGP?

Britain is the land of F1 champions and that has never been closer to the truth when Lewis Hamilton reigns supreme among his peers. All the races of the F1 calendar are live on Potato Streams. You can also watch the practice and qualifying sessions in our live F1 stream.

MotoGP is another major racing event that is live on Potato Streams alongside F1. Every race is streamed live for you to enjoy on your Sundays. In addition to these two, we might start focusing on British Superbikes if our fans would ask us to. So we have got you covered when it comes to watching the fast men of UK, or the world for that matter.

So, now that the choice is clear whether to choose Potato Streams over the best football streaming sites. Time for you to get the download.






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