Pokemon World Championships No Longer Require Proof of COVID-19 Vaccine


The Pokemon Company releases a document that confirms Pokemon World Championships 2022 will not require proof of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

The Pokemon franchise is arguably among the most famous and successful of all time, thanks to the numerous movies, comic books, and video games. The Pokemon company celebrates this success through several means, including the annual Pokemon World Championships, an invite-only esports event centred around pocket monster video games.

The event is held in August each year and features many games like Pokemon GoPokemon Unite, and Pokémon Trading Card Game, among many others. However, the Pokemon World Championships were canceled for the last two years due to the Covid-19 pandemic leading to disappointment in numerous fans who keenly waited for the event.

As the pandemic has subsided in nearly every part of the world, The Pokemon Company has decided to organize the event after a two-year hiatus. This year’s championship will be held in London, and Pokemon Sword and Shield will be the primary game. The company recently released a comprehensive document addressing participants’ various queries. Notably, the document confirms that participants will not be required to have proof of a valid Covid-19 vaccine for participating in the Pokemon World Championships. The paper also contains a list of Covid-19 related protocols and guidelines that all participants must follow for the safe and smooth functioning of the event.

Furthermore, The Pokemon Company has also specified the reason for abolishing the vaccination proof in the FAQ section. The company cited the variations in local laws about Covid-19 vaccination across the world as the primary reason for this change. However, it maintains that the safety and security of the Pokemon community is the top priority, and the complete focus will be on ensuring social distancing, masks, and other safety measures. As fans eagerly wait for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the upcoming games in the franchise, the Pokemon World Championship will work as a perfect distraction. This event will also calm many fans who were disappointed after the cancellation of E3 2022.

The announcement of E3 2022’s cancellation rattled many nerves in the gaming community as many were shocked by the news. However, gamers shouldn’t worry about the cancelled E3 as they can get video game news from many other reliable sources like Nintendo Direct, PlayStation State of Play, and Geoff Keighley’s Summer Game Fest.

Meanwhile, a particular section of the community believes the gaming industry needs E3, whether it’s digital or physical. The proponents of this argument mainly stress that E3 acts as a platform where the industry comes together as a single entity, regardless of the console, developer, or individual video game.


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