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Were you, by chance, in the market for a new accessory that could terrify an unsuspecting house guest?

Then the Pokemon Company and Shine may have your next purchase sorted, especially if you’re a Nintendo fan.

In a new collaboration between the makers of the famous Pokemon franchise and Japanese toy manufacturer Shine Co, comes the Pikachu Roomba.

The new product is being planned for release later this year and should be available ahead of the next Nintendo Switch game from Game Freak.

The “Pokémon Pikachu RunRun Cleaner” appears to be a Roomba with a giant Pikachu attached, something that all diehards fans will want roaming their floors.

According to the most recent reports, the robot vacuum cleaner will feature a giant talking Pikachu and will also do the normal sensor- redirecting you’d come to expect from such a product.

A recent promotion appears to list the new product for 3218 Yen, which seems a little low for a chatty cleaning electric type.

The new Pikachu Run Run Cleaner is expected to be featured during next week’s next week’s Tokyo International Gift Show.

“231 companies from 12 countries & regions and 154 overseas brands are brought together at Tokyo Gift Show!” the official press release reads.

“Robot World EXPO, a special project, is coming back for the third time!

“Robots and related-technology continue to draw attention, and they are also actively used in sales promotion markets. This project introduces service robots and related-products.”

After this, the new Pokemon product will be available to buy, alongside a range of other items.

Shine is also launching a 30 cm soft lamp shaped like Pikachu which will include touch-activation and glow when pressed.

The new Pikachu light also comes with a dance mode and light mode.

As many fans will already know, 2019 will be the year that a Pikachu Roomba and a new RPG video game will be released.

Not to be confused with the recently launched Let’s Go Pikachu games, this next Pocket Monster project is set to be a more traditional instalment.

Fans can expect a full-blooded Pokemon experience arriving in the second half of 2019.

But while fans are ready to learn more about the new game, Nintendo hasn’t been shared tons about it.

The latest news about the upcoming project was shared by CEO of the Pokemon Company, Tsunekazu Ishihara.

He revealed that the new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch was proving a challenge to develop.

Speaking to Dime, the CEO confirmed that the Switch’s unique hybrid design meant creating a different sort of game.

Being able to play on a TV or as a handheld experience means that gameplay has to be good enough however fans are playing the new game.

Ishihara also confirmed that challenge might have been underestimated when it first came to planning for the new Nintendo Switch release.

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