PlayStation 5 won’t launch before April 2020, Sony says •



Sony may have begun talking openly about PlayStation 5, but it’s still a long way from going on sale.

Today, Sony said it would not release PS5 for at least another 12 months – pushing its arrival to May 2020 at the absolute earliest (thanks, WSJ).

Sony made the statement as part of its impressive end of financial year results. 2018 was Sony’s most profitable year ever – across both the whole company and its dedicated gaming division.




Sony shipped another 17.8m PlayStation 4 consoles over the past 12 months – down slightly from the 19m it shifted the year before. Regardless, PS4 now stands at 96.8m consoles shipped over its entire lifespan – meaning it will hit the magic 100m milestone next year.

Profits from the past year’s console sales – some 31.1bn yen – will be ploughed into production of PS5, Sony said.

You can listen to our wishlist for next-gen consoles on the latest Eurogamer Podcast, as well as Digital Foundry’s early assessment of the PS5’s confirmed feature set.


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