Out today on PS4, Control update promises performance improvements on all platforms • Eurogamer.net

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September’s big patch for Control will improve stability on all platforms, developer Remedy has promised.

The update is available today on PlayStation 4, and “very soon” on PC and Xbox One.

Technical improvements include upgrades to “general frame-rate performance through optimisations made to multiple systems and content”, the patch notes state.

You will also now be able to toggle motion blur and film grain.

Otherwise, the patch revolves around bug fixes. No other major changes are listed.

“Control on console is brilliant – as long as you play on the right hardware,” Digital Foundry wrote in its technical appraisal of Remedy’s excellent shooter. Unsurprisingly, the vanilla PS4 and Xbox One struggle when compared to their Pro and X counterparts. Here’s hoping today’s patch narrows that gap a little.

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