New Gen 4 Pokémon Leak Supposedly Shows Lots Of Scrapped Gender Differences


    If the contents of this recent Pokémon leak are to be believed, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl – and every game thereafter – could have been very different indeed.

    Dr. Lava, known for sharing and dissecting cut content from a wide variety of Nintendo games, has shared an article exploring a supposed leak that first surfaced just yesterday. The ‘leak’, which was first dumped on a Pokémon-focused forum on 4chan, showed “hundreds” of sprites that would have been created for already-existing Pokémon in the fourth generation games. These sprites are considerably different to those that made it into the final build, with a large number of Pokémon being treated to noticeable gender differences.

    Now, some Pokémon do have different designs depending on their gender anyway, but this leak suggests that Game Freak may have been considering giving almost every single monster a different design, rather than the current handful. In most cases, the female sprites are seen to have smaller body parts like ears, horns, and the like, but there are other differences, too. Some interesting ones include Bulbasaur, where the female has larger spots, and Chimecho, where the male has yellow markings rather than red.

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