Minecraft Studio Not Backing Down on New Reporting System, Despite Backlash


Minecraft recently made some changes to its reporting system, which has got many fans up in arms, but developer Mojang is not reneging on the update.

Hardly anyone could have suspected that, back in 2009, a little known indie title called Minecraft would go on to become the international superstar it now is. With developer Mojang recently releasing the SpongeBob DLC, it’s evident that there is still so much to explore in this vast and blocky world. However, not everything is on the up-and-up. While it’s quite rare for this monstrously successful IP to be the subject of controversy, many fans are unhappy about the game’s new reporting system, but the studio is putting its metaphorical foot down.

According to a recent report from PCGamer, which cites a post on Reddit, the Minecraft developer, or at least a representative, has said that the company does not intend to “change the design principles,” despite the negative feedback that’s been given by the community. Additionally, the Reddit user, who goes by MojangMeesh, has urged people to cease following employees around on the social media site and harassing them. In essence, the studio is not willing to make any changes to its new policy. At the time of writing, this post is currently at -1,979 downvotes.

The response comes after many in the fan base were unhappy about the new player reporting system. Essentially, since the latest update, the game now makes it possible to flag inappropriate messages on both private and Mojang-owned servers, which can then be reviewed by investigators. Some feel that this system could make it so that seemingly harmless comments can be taken out of context, or that it gives the developer and publisher means to “dictate” discussions. The controversy has led to the Twitter hashtag SaveMinecraft trending, which insists that fans are not happy about this new policy.

Minecraft recently had its 1.19 “The Wild” update, which added a slew of new content to the game. But it’s the most up-to-date 1.19.1 patch has been causing an outcry. However, no matter what the backlash is, the developer seems steadfast in taking a firm stand when it comes to the new reporting system, even in the face of alleged harassment.

Given that many consider Minecraft to be a game very suitable for children, there will likely be those who do support the new policy. It may be possible to stem the flow of more toxic or hateful comments, or more predatory interactions taking place, especially when it comes to younger players. Whatever people’s feelings are towards the player reporting system, it seems unlikely that Mojang is going to go back on its word.

Minecraft is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.


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