Meet Ammon – The Roblox Creator and Business Owner at just 15

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Meet Ammon, (born February 2, 2005 [age 15]) is a American Roblox Creator and Business Owner who specializes in graphic design and motion graphics. Ammon started out at age 6 on a Laptop, learning the basics of computer design, by making family videos in Windows Movie Maker.


Ammon has since then has built his own PC which he now uses to run his own startup business “AmmonGFX”. Ammon started as your average teenager on social media, however he wanted more. Since starting in 2011, Ammon has gradually mastered and perfected his skills in Editing and Graphics design, slowly moving his way forward from iMovie, and now mastering the Adobe Suite! These programs are truly what helped Ammon grow. He started out making popups or Overlays for youtube content creators to put on top of their videos to advertise things such as Twitter, Instagram, Subscription callouts and more.

Ammon has since then started his own twitter account with the handle (@ItsAmmon) and has used this to help grow his channel and communicate with creators. Some of the most notable creators he has worked with in the past is the youtube group The Pals Which is now disbanded, however they still work with him to this day. As of 2019 Ammon has moved on from just motion graphics and now edits youtube videos for ROBLOX content creators. This has helped Ammon amass over 10,000 dollars in revenue in total over the last year and a half. Ammon has used this money to buy himself things such as computer parts, graphics cards, fonts, and even the occasional “doordash chick fil a”! Ammon is currently working on paying for his college tuition, which he has a main income stream from Editing videos. He loves his job and loves the opportunity he has to have it! He sure has put in the effort to grow it, through thick and thin.

Let this be a message to all teens and kids out there, you can do anything, its never too young to follow your talents and passions and truly make a few bucks out of it!


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