Kickstarter Project: SocialTrade: A social media for Investors


Uniting all types of investors into one app!


So today Game Geeks News are proud to bring you another amazing mobile application project currently available on kickstarter. Manraj Bains is an undergraduate student aiming to become a successful entrepreneur within the Fintech industry, while also helping the environment.

The power of the individual investor has never been more apparent. Over the past decade, did you know that the share of the individual investor has doubled in the market? Moreover, with the innovation, modernization and adaptation to higher forms of technology and social media, it has never been easier for an individual to become an investor.


Social Trade hopes to provide a centralised platform for investors of all types to discuss and forecast changes in the marketplace. It enables the direct exchange of information between investors, and traders all in one app. Manraj aims to bring investors from all corners of the realm together and provide a platform for which there can be great conversation and an increase in access to knowledge about markets and companies.

Social Trade offers some unique features such as a vote on whether certain assets and stocks will go UP or DOWN.

SocialTrade invites all types of traders, such as retail and Institutional. Users can follow their favourite retail and institutional traders and see how they vote and their forecasts.

Create/Join different investing groups. These groups can be for friends, institutions, educational use, or to focus on certain markets. You have the ability to share research reports, forecasts, analysis and etc… You can start video calls with members of your group and create a different type of events!

Rewards are given to those who forecast correctly, and a forecast ranking is given to those who consistently succeed in their forecasts.

Social Trade is currently in the development cycle. To go further, so Manraj needs your help to help develop this app.


The Model:
Once the app has been created and is fully functioning, he will introduce the app to finance centres within universities, allowing them to create their own Finance group on our app and invite their students. This will help grow the app and increase the monthly number of users. Universities will be able to start video calls, share research, publish forecasts, and a lot more!

Risks and challenges:
The biggest risk Manraj will face is marketing and getting the app known and in the public eyes. Manraj already has approval from VC and angels investors who will help grow the app! However, they want to see the app functioning before they get involved!.


For more information and you help fund this kickstarter campaign click here.




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