Kickstarter Project: Pipe Dream: Visual Novel


A Notome dating sim that follows the protagonist Robin as she enters college and finds friendship, love… and hopefully herself.

So this week we are proud to bring you another amazing kickstarter project currently available on Steam and Funding for this project is to help bring this game to its full potential and cover funding for the remaining visual and audio assets.

As longtime aficionados of both visual novels and romcom anime, Notome Games have spent the past few years pouring their heart and soul into Pipe Dream. Unlike many other dating sims, they wanted to create a game that doesn’t just end when the characters get together but also explores the complexities of how the relationship develops afterwards.

They estimate the full game at over 250,000 words and 40+ CGs of total content, made up of 6 routes with a total of 19 endings, partially voiced.

Risks and challenges:
Notome Games have done their very best to reduce risk factors by waiting to fundraise until the bulk of production was already behind them. The majority of funds raised will go towards rounding out the remaining visual and audio assets. This will help insure that the project is completed successfully and with minimal delays.


You can check out Pipe Dreams on both Steam and or for more information and to back this amazing kickstarter project follow the link below.





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