Kickstarter Project: Llamasters Launches Soon


Llamasters is a hilarious party game that uses Augmented Reality to take the gameplay to the next level.

So this week Game Geeks News are proud to bring you another amazing kickstarter project going LIVE very soon. Llamasters, an exciting new party game that utilizes augmented reality has been launched on Kickstarter. Llamasters is a party game for between two to five players, that sets opponents on a mission to become the one and only Llama Master.

The best way to become the Llama Master is to take care of your Llama King or Queen. And while that may sound easy, beware — during the game you will encounter enemies that will try and take you, your king, and your kingdom down! Enemies like the Killer Sloth or Buddha Llama are eager to make your game life difficult unless you have a good strategy on how to trick the other players!.


Don’t fret, you won’t only encounter enemies during your game. You will also meet the Smelly Llama, Gangsta Llama, Oracle Llama, Coach Llama and the sexy Priority Llamas! This llama herd will definitely make you laugh like never before, and the best thing is…you can play with Augmented Reality too.


Llamasters has officially launched a Kickstarter campaign looking for backers. They have designed several packages that will appeal to early birds and high donors, of which one of them is a coveted personalized Llama card! This particular package is limited only to 24 people!.


Main Backer rewards include a Box of Llamasters – $45 (early bird 39USD)
Backers will get a Llamasters deck of cards, including all 85 hilarious cards that will make you shit your pants while playing with your friends.

For more information or to back this kickstarter campaign, please visit the link below.




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