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A Sci-Fi Trading Card Game about reality benders fighting in a galactic battle royal to save their home world from complete annihilation.

Game Geeks News is proud to bring you another great gaming project currently running on Kickstarter. Created by Matt Burks, Hollosseum TCG is a unique gaming experience with no mana system. It features card art from one creator. Cards printed from this kickstarter will not be printed again with the same art.

Holosseum TCG is a fun, fast-paced Sci-Fi/Horror game. You play as a “Gridrunner,” held hostage by the reality bending Dimmu. An ancient species from a prior universe, the Dimmu have you hostage for their galactic gladiator competition. Your planet is the prize!.

Holosseum TCG is built around the simplicity of a card limiting mechanic not a mana system. This allows a  much deeper complex and engaging gameplay. You will be pulling from a card pool over 200 distinct cards.  Each game is as much a galactic turn-based tale you can share with friends, as it is a battle for your planet. (This will be explained more in the how to play section.)

The Story

HOLOSSEUM TCG is a Sci-Fi/ cosmic horror trading card game set in an indeterminate time and a galaxy pretty close by. As a Grid Runner, you’ll represent your team in a galactic gladiator competition.  The competition takes place in a planet sized arena, the Holosseum. Ran by the Dimmu, an ancient species of reality bending beings from a previous universe, the fate of the competition rests in your hands!

The Dimmu have chosen 5 Teams to fight for their lives and their fates in the Holosseum.  Use the very essence of reality to cast cosmic spells and summon grotesque entities from mysterious realms; this is a competition you’ll want to win.

What if you win the fight?

CONGRATULATIONS! You and your civilization have been chosen for Assimilation!  Each of you will join the Royal Dimmu at the transdimensional object at the end of time.

All expenses paid! This is NOT negotiable.

 What if you lose the fight? 

Don’t worry! You will receive a front row seat to the Destruction Ceremony for your planet.  The Destruction Ceremony takes place immediately following the contest.

All losing contestants are responsible for hyper-transportation away from the Holosseum following the Destruction Ceremony.  Death immediately disqualifies a contestant for ALL prizes.

Choose between 5 Galactic Gladiator teams!

The Terrazun bend reality and specialize in controlling and warping energy.  They generate psychains to capture large elemental beings found on their home world.  The material of psychains is unknown, but they are imperative to the Terrazun‘s use of these beings. 

Thermavert are clones lead by Deja, a legendary chronomancer. Thermavert can manipulate time.  They’re able to pull Echoes, phantom entities, from alternate timelines to fight alongside them.  You won’t need an eraser with a Thermavert around.

The Renzara live in pairs.  The mysterious beings have tiny, luminous, green bodies. The pairs grow a hard, wood like shell or husk that they stay within, likely for protection.  For survival, the husk can be abandoned.  Looking not unlike fireflies in a hollowed log, you might even mistake the Renzara for green eyes until you were very close.  Hailing from a gas giant, they exhibit no verbal communication and control space through means only they understand.    

The Aetheons are mostly humanoid cyborgs.  They can manipulate light and claim to be distant relatives of Earthlings.  Only told of in the arcane Space Bible, most societies have an Earth fable….believed to be just that.  Earth was so chaotic and destructive that a whole race of intelligent beings died due to poor resource management.  The tale promotes unity and conservation among a society.  It’s difficult to imagine a species so reckless.

The Dimmu control the shadows.  Yes! The Dimmu are entering the contest, and life is completely fair.  The Dimmu Entertainment Council have gone on record to say they “can confirm all contests will be just and are in no way predetermined.”

Grid Runners

Select your Grid Runner: Create a Custom 40 card deck.”Grid Runner” cards stay outside your deck. 

The Grid Runner shows your opponent which team you are on and what type of essence you can control.  This will also determine what cards can be in your deck. 

How to play

You’ll start a game of Holosseum TCG  with 20 life points. By sending Entities into battle or casting mind- melting spells to destroy your opponents by bringing down their life points to 0 before they’re able to do the same to you.

The first player to have their life points reduced to 0 loses the game, you can also lose the game by having all the cards in your deck removed from the game.

Card Type

There are 4 different types of card in Holosseum TCG: Grid Runners, Entities, Spells, and Powers.

Grid runners- This card stays outside of the deck. It will show what team and essence you are going to be playing.

Entities– Monsters that stay on the arena and fight along your side.

Spells– Cards that have a onetime use then go to the grave. They can be played at any time even on your opponent’s turn.  

Powers– Cards that stay in play and have a lasting effect. goes to the grave when destroyed.

There is no mana/energy system in Holosseum TCG. You can play your strongest Entity first.  It’s up to you.  The game is built around a card limit system, keeping it balanced.

Easy enough for anyone to play, you’ll need to plan your cards carefully to master the game.  Holosseum TCG is designed to be competitive, fair, and really fun.

Don’t be fooled by the simplicity. The interactions can get quite complex. When in doubt, the card overrides the rules.  

The Product!

Starter Decks – There will be three different pre-constructed starter decks. 

It will be a complete 40-card deck plus a quick start guide.

It will also contain an alternate art Grid Runner only available in the starter decks and only available during this Kickstarter.

Booster packs – Packs will contain 10 cards. Two of the cards will be uncommon and a rare or Holo-rare. 

Booster box – These will contain 36 packs and a mystery full art holographic card that is only for this Kickstarter. 

Booster box and Starter deck mock-ups.

Rewards for backing this Kickstarter include instant access to two small sampler decks that you can print off and play, a 40-deck starter pack including their Exclusive Kickstarter Gridrunner card, all three starter decks and Booster Boxes. For a full breakdown of the rewards available, check out their crowdfunding page on Kickstarter. Time is running out to get your hands on one of these amazing decks so be sure to pledge today!.

Join their Growing Community here.


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