Kickstarter Project: Dungeons and Dragons Class Token Coins and Enamel Pins

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Weighty gaming token coins to show off your character and enamel pins to show off your class. Including many stretch goals!

If you are a huge fan of Dungeons & Dragons, then this kickstarter project may just be for you.

Jake from the Strange Arcade has just launched his biggest and most adventurous project to date. Easy to use and super portable 1 inch D&D character token coins and lapel pins. Super handy for the DM and an awesome, highly detailed token for players.

Coins to show off your character and enamel pins to show off your class. So if you would like to grab any of all of these amazing coins and enamel pins, and if you like the sound of this project, then please share with friends. Getting the project in front of as many people as possible will help reach the target goal.



Kickstarter is a great way to PLEDGE NOW, PAY LATER. What this means is you will not be charged until the campaign has ended. This is a crowdfunding resource that is all or nothing. If the initial goal is not met, these will not be made and you will not be charged.

During this time you are able to adjust you pledge to any of the rewards that are available and add any additional things you would like. If the goal is met; at the end of the Kickstarter I will send out a survey asking which rewards you would like and the varation of designs and all of the other things you may have added and if you want to add on more after the project ended you can via paypal as well!


Project breakdown:

The goal is to fund the creation of all 12 D&D class 1 inch coins perfect for battle grids and maps and the larger 12 x 45mm lapel pins. Once the target goal is reached there are a number of stretch goals, the first goal being a whole set of currency coins with many more goals including more pins and coins and eventually some free rewards to all backers.


Risks and challenges:

There are always risks and challenges in any project, these are mainly around the production and the shipping. Production could take some minor delays due to COVID. The images shown on the kickstarter page are mock-ups, so there may be minor DESIGN/COLOR variations because of screen color, etc. The sample illustrations and animations give you the general idea of the final outcome of the other designs aside from the sample photos provided as the project continues .

Jake has experience with kickstarters, and will be using a supplier that he has dealt with many times and has always produced top-quality products. Jake is also an online shop owner that deals with merch production and shipping on a daily basis so understands the issues and delays with shipping and packing products. Having defects is always a possibility, but every item will be checked before they are sent out, given the buyer complete satisfaction.


For more information and to see detailed images of both the coins and enamel pins go check out this amazing idea for a kickstarter now.


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