Jovian Whispers Kickstarter is Live!


Tab Creations is a developer and publisher of roleplaying games and card games. Their games include Shadows Over Sol, Against the Dark Yogi and Age of Ambition, and they have finally launched the Kickstarter for Shadows Over Sol: Jovian Whispers!.

Jovian Whispers is a campaign and sourcebook for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game. It follows up on the mystery of the Jupiter Group Incident, in which all four Jovian colonies went suddenly and inexplicably silent. It will be a full-colour hardback volume estimated at 160 pages. It includes:

A flexible campaign comprising five core scenarios, plus many optional “side trek” adventures and ample room for GM-created personal plots.
Complete details on the Jovian colonies and the Jupiter Group Incident, with many plot hooks and potential for future adventures.
The secrets of the Insurrection Virus, the intelligent malware that caused the downfall of the Jovian colonies.
Plus, plenty of terrifying new foes and challenges to keep the players gasping in horror for years to come!.

Two hundred years from now, what should be the shining beacon of the future is instead cloaked in conspiracy and horror. Humankind has expanded throughout the solar system, and there it has discovered mysteries older than humanity.

The culture has shattered into myriad subcultures; nation-states are the hollow shells of what they once were. Corporations and other groups wage small-scale wars in the streets or in space. Bio-engineered horrors leftover from these conflicts stalk the hulls of ruined stations and abandoned colonies.

But for an enterprising team willing to brave the horrors, there’s always a profit to be made.

The Shadows Over Sol core rulebook was first published in 2016. Since then, thirteen adventures, five supplements, seven accessories and a full campaign have been published for the game line. Jovian Whispers will be one of the largest and most ambitious additions to date!.

“Love the Saga Machine system… Going to adapt the system to other RPGs!”
—James C., DriveThruRPG

Jovian Whispers for Shadows Over Sol combines the mystique of science fiction with the intensity and danger of the horror genre. The core system, Saga Machine, has been in use for a decade, including publication in our other roleplaying games, Age of Ambition, Against the Dark Yogi and Dime Adventures. This version of the rules was published in 2016 and has received widespread praise. We have 4.9/5 stars on DriveThruRPG!

Gameplay highlights from the core rulebook include:

Support for a wide range of science fiction themes and tones.
Campaign options specifically designed to adapt to different levels of horror. Easily dial your game down to survival horror or up to action horror!
An engineering system for inventing or improving upon existing technology.
A hacking system designed to engage all members of the party. No longer are the rest of your players going to sit and wait for one player to finish the hacking mini-game!
A combat system designed for tense and deadly confrontations.
A wide selection of gear and bio-engineered monstrosities to terrify your players!

Want to know more?. All backers can access the complete draft text of Jovian Whispers today! Simply follow the link from the first backer-only update!

A free Quick-Start for the Shadows Over Sol roleplaying game is also available.

Jovian Whispers has been in development for over three years. The campaign has gone through multiple iterations and has received several rounds of playtests. The text has been written, we have some great art in the works and we can’t wait to share this project with the world!

Shadows Over Sol has seen development and play as a homebrew setting since 2009, and this incarnation of the rules is the result of over two years of development and public play tests.


To show their thanks, they have put together some really cool rewards for backers, including immediate access to an unedited review of Jovian Whispers to a hard copy of the Jovian Whisper`s, a Hard copy of the Jovian Whispers campaign sourcebook and more. So for more information, you will need to visit their Kickstarter campaign here.

Risks and challenges:
The team has successfully funded and delivered on six Kickstarters in the past, and have a proven track record of early delivery. So far we have met our estimated delivery target every single time. They’re really good at it.

The team has learned a lot about what it takes to produce a quality product in a timely and reasonable manner. There will be challenges, but they will overcome them and will do everything they can to satisfy all of their backers.




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