It Looks Like Super Mario Maker 2 Will Include Same-Screen Multiplayer


    Super Mario Maker 2 Multiplayer

    The recent Super Mario Maker 2 Direct presentation earlier this week bombarded us with a stack of new information about the upcoming Switch release, within the space of 17-minutes.

    While Nintendo has made it clear the game will support 4-player online and local wireless multiplayer, the press release doesn’t clarify if you’ll be able to play the game alongside your friends and family on a single Switch unit. We know you can create levels with one other person in co-op making, but whether you can actually play them together is currently unknown.

    Fortunately, it seems incredibly likely you will be able to do this after the eagle-eyed experts over at GameXplain noticed the official eShop listing references multiplayer three separate times in the Super Mario Maker 2 software details section. This covers the number of players for online play (1-4), local wireless play (1-4) and then one simply noting the “number of players” (1-4) – which is presumably the number of people who can play the game on a single system.

    It seems even more likely when this eShop page is compared to the Splatoon 2 listing, referencing one to four players for online and local wireless play, and catering to just one player on a single Switch. If you’re still not convinced, there was a segment during the latest Direct presentation, where you can see Mario and Luigi moving through clear pipes together. Noticeably the screen keeps both players in the frame and there’s no edit button in the shot – suggesting this is more than a building test.

    Do you think we’ll be able to create and play with others on the same Switch when Super Mario Maker 2 arrives next month? Tell us below.

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