Incredibly Lucky Minecraft Player Finds Massive Diamond Vein


An incredibly lucky Minecraft player hits a full-fledged diamond jackpot after stumbling on a massive deposit of this valuable mineral.

One particularly lucky Minecraft player has recently hit a resource jackpot after stumbling on a massive diamond vein containing nearly two dozen blocks. Seeing how finding diamonds in Minecraft tends to be a fairly arduous affair, the news of their discovery quickly spread on social media.

Based on Minecraft 1.19 ore distribution levels, diamonds are still among the rarest minerals in the game as of 2023. While some ore such as Netherite and Ancient Debris are statistically even more difficult to farm, the recipes that require them tend to be more of a luxury than a must-have upgrade over diamond gear, at least until endgame. As such, discovering diamonds as quickly as possible is still imperative to a successful Minecraft run, especially in enemy-infested biomes.

Reddit user BusinessCactus2 has recently managed to do just that, taking to social media to share their discovery of a massive vein containing exactly 20 diamonds. Making matters even more impressive is the fact that this vein apparently wasn’t unearthed at a chunk border, meaning it’s not a collection of two smaller diamond clusters but a singular spawn. These massive diamond veins were only made possible with the Minecraft update 1.18, which completely revamped the game’s ore spawning mechanics, forcing players to rethink their mining practices.

The discoverer of this massive diamond vein was even forthcoming enough to share the exact location of their find. Anyone looking to unearth the same mineral cluster can do so by jumping into seed 4384315514734985399 and then either heading or teleporting to Minecraft coordinates -1347 -14 1162.

While this particular diamond vein was found fairly close to the surface, it was also an incredibly lucky find. As of Minecraft update 1.18 which landed in late 2021, statistically the best Y-level to look for diamonds is actually -64. However, anyone digging at this particular depth is also likely to be impeded by Bedrock blocks, which spawn below -60 and can replace diamond veins.

This is why the most commonly recommended approach to farming diamonds in Minecraft is to employ the so-called branch mining technique between Y-levels 51 and 59. Doing so maximizes the likelihood of stumbling upon diamond veins while eliminating the chance of encountering Bedrock blocks. Branch mining entails digging 2×1 tunnels in any direction, then widening them by a single 2×1 strip on the way back. This technique allows Minecraft players to see pretty much every block at a given Y-level.

Minecraft is available now on Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.


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