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Another day, another development roadmap. Today it’s Capcom’s turn to shed a little more light on what’s coming up in the latest Monster Hunter World expansion, Iceborne.

Making the announced during the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Special Stage show at Tokyo Game Show 2019 (thanks, Gematsu), Capcom detailed plans all the way up to January 2020, including a new Horizon Zero Dawn crossover event, The Frozen Wilds, which is scheduled to drop in November.

Before then, however, we’ll be introduced to new (to World, anyway) monster Rajang, as well as some My House-related updates. Releasing on 10th October 2019, Rajang is described as “an ultra-aggressive creature that few have a chance of surviving against,” and “sports powerful arms that pack a punch, and turns gold when angry”.

As for the Horizon Zero Dawn crossover? The first quest will drop in November, with a second and third expected to release in December. Capcom also confirmed we’ll see the Astera Festival go live around this time, too, along with another as-yet-unannounced monster.

Monster Hunter: World and the new Iceborne expansion is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, although the latter won’t see Iceborne until January 2020, coinciding with the hugely-successful RPG’s second anniversary.

Though Martin admits in his recent feature “Iceborne […] can feel like it’s pitched more towards those expert players”, he urges us not to be put off by it.

“The joy of Monster Hunter – now, as ever – is how it embraces all playstyles, whether you’re thrashing about with dual blades or keeping a watching brief with a bowgun,” he said. “Or, whether you’re veteran who wants to solo some of the biggest, baddest monsters, or a scrub like myself who’s happy to wade in the shallows and simply enjoy the spectacle. Iceborne does a decent job of catering to both, and there’s enough there to satisfy all corners of Monster Hunter World’s 13 million-strong audience. So, don’t be put off by Iceborne – in truth, there’s never been a better time to get into Monster Hunter.”

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