Haven Brings The Love To Nintendo Switch Next Month


    NSwitchDS Haven 03© The Game Bakers

    Haven made quite an impact when it launched last month. Developed by The Game Bakers – best known for their previous work on Furi – Switch owners initially missed out, whilst it arrived on next-gen consoles, PC and Xbox One. Thankfully, this romantic RPG is now launching for us on February 4th, just in time for a certain romantic holiday.

    You’ll play as Yu and Kay, two 20-something fugitives that escaped an oppressive society called “Apiary”, one which forces couples into pairing up. Running away to a mysterious planet called Source, you’ll navigate this strange world in a search for resources. Fighting hostile inhabitants along the way, it utilises turn-based combat, with 2-player co-op also available.

    It received positive reviews and our sister site Push Square gave it 7/10 on PS5, calling it a “touching love story” but citing some gameplay flaws. We’re looking forward to seeing how it unfolds on Switch by comparison, and we’ll keep you updated with further news.

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