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The GTA 6 release date hasn’t been announced yet by Rockstar Games, who are busy getting ready to launch Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC.

But when this is all done and dusted, fans will be wondering what is coming next from the famous studio, and if it will be arriving on PS4 and Xbox One.

The most recent rumours point to GTA 6 being launched by the end of 2021, and the game being based, at least partially, in Vice City.

This would feed into Rockstar Games recent habit of exploring maps from past games, like Liberty City and San Andreas.

But there might be a few other side projects announced before we get to the launch of the next .

Fans have spotted an update to GTA 3, suggesting it might be launching on a new platform. A new rating for the game has been commissioned in Australia, leaving fans wondering why such a thing would be needed for a title that launched in 2001.

This has led many to believe that Grand Theft Auto 3 is coming to a new platform, such as the Nintendo Switch or the Xbox One.

This seems like the most likely outcome and shouldn’t be something that affects the release of GTA 6. Rockstar Games don’t appear to be going for a full remaster with Grand Theft Auto 3, with all signs pointing to a simple port job.

So will GTA 6 be the next big project announced by Rockstar Games in 2020? If this did happen, it would make it more likely that PS4 and Xbox One launches would be included.

Steven Ogg, the actor who portrayed Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto 5, has been quoted as saying that GTA 6 could be coming soon.

This reportedly happened during a panel at the Brazil Game Show, telling the crowd that “games take 7-8 years to make, do the math.”

This sounds more like a prediction than some tasty insider information and it suggests a launch is coming in 2020 or 2021.

Another recent report suggests that Rockstar Games have been scouting for inside locations in Florida. This stemmed from a scouting location request made in a letter that has been shared online.

Since it appeared, the scouting agent has been confirmed as real and adds more credence to the rumour.

But while all these rumours still make it possible for something to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, many analysts and game watchers are starting to suspect otherwise.

TezFunz2, a Twitter account known for releasing good information on Rockstar Games projects, believes that we’re looking at a next-gen launch.

This would mean the next Grand Theft Auto game appearing on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, as well as PC and Google Stadia.

TezFunz2 recently posted this prediction, telling GTA fans on Twitter:

“Now that Playstation 5 is launching holiday 2020, I think we can be positive Rockstar next title isn’t coming until 2021 or holiday 2020 if they have enough time to finish it up.”

This still would leave room for a downgraded port to appear on PS4 and Xbox One, even if the chances of that seem slim.

Rockstar Games are also being linked to another big project for their Grand Theft Auto game, GTA Online.

TezFunz shared new information with fans suggesting that Rockstar Games could launch a surprise new mode in the future.

“As I was checking some stuff, I found something interesting. This interesting thing is telling me it is possible the next GTA Online update might introduce roles or the cut Cops and Crooks mode is coming back.

“Basically something like freeroam MK2. I could be totally wrong.”

Adding some context, TezFunz explained what this could mean for the game: “I was referring to the cut Cops n Crooks which was the original concept of GTA Online.

“It was gonna be a separate freemode than the regular freemode. Like two modes of freemode, this is what the next update could offer or it could be just a bunch of roles like RDO.”

This remains speculation for now but it suggests that even if GTA 6 doesn’t appear on current gen consoles, there’s still plenty of plans afoot for GTA 5.

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