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The Ghost Recon Breakpoint early access release date is almost here, just hours after the end of the open beta.

While Ghost Recon Breakpoint officially has an October 4 release date on PS4, Xbox One and PC, there are a couple of ways fans can get early access to the game.

Pre-order the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gold or Ultimate Edition and you can start playing as early as October 1.

Even better is that Ghost Recon Breakpoint early access begins at midnight local time, so pre-order customers can start playing tonight.

The cheapest option to start playing is to pre-order the Breakpoint Gold Edition, which costs £84.99 on the PlayStation Store and £84.99 on the Xbox Store.

It’s actually much cheaper to go for a physical copy of the Gold Edition, which retails for £69.99 at Argos on PS4 and Xbox One.

The Gold Edition contains the core game, as well as the year 1 Season Pass and early access.

Alternatively, Ghost Recon fans could opt for the Ultimate Edition, which comes with everything from the Gold pack, as well as the Survivor Pack, Off-road Pack and Sacred Land Pack.

Fans looking to purchase a digital copy of the Ultimate Edition can pick it up for £92.99 from the PlayStation Store and £92.99 from the Xbox Store.

To ensure you don’t miss a second of the action, pre-order customers can begin the pre-load process right now.

Fans picking up the Standard Edition on PS4 can pre-load later this week, while all other platforms and versions can be installed now.

The pre-load and day-one patch file sizes for each platform has been revealed by Ubisoft below…

Xbox One

• Pre-load: 40.1 GB Day 1 Patch: 13.5 GB

PlayStation 4

• Pre-load: 47.3 GB Day 1 Patch: 10 GB

Uplay PC & Epic Game Store

• Pre-load: 41.36 GB Day 1 Patch: None, pre-load includes Day 1 Patch

With such a big map and lots of different activities, the file sizes seem relatively small for Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

“Around the world, Ghosts are gearing up for their most dangerous mission yet: surviving on the mysterious island of Auroa – a hostile open world populated by merciless ex-Ghosts, equipped with a top of the line arsenal and supported by an unrelenting army of deadly drones,” reads the official description.

The game lets players jump in solo, or team up for some four-person co-op play.

There’s even a player-vs-player mode, as well as plans for four-person raids and other endgame content.

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