Fortnite Teases The Arrival Of Obi-Wan, Accidentally Reveals Scarlet Witch


Obi-Wan and Scarlet Witch will likely be joining Fortnite’s roster very soon.

Epic confirmed earlier this week that lightsabers and a bunch of other Star Wars stuff would be returning to Fortnite. In fact, the weapons it revealed, including all four lightsabers and a blaster rifle, are lying around for you to find in The Loop right now. However, the trailer confirming the popular weapon’s return ended on a mysterious note. A close-up of a robed figure starting up a blue lightsaber.

The weapon, the robe, and the arrival of Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney+ later this month have led most to arrive at the assumption that he is the one wielding that lightsaber. Ten characters from the Star Wars universe have been added to the game since 2019, but Obi-Wan is yet to get his moment in the sun. Speaking of those other ten famous Star Wars faces, nine of them – everyone other than The Mandalorian – will be returning to Fortnite’s in-game store over the course of the next two weeks.

While the tease of who is almost certainly Obi-Wan was intentional on Epic’s part, the reveal that Scarlet Witch will also be joining him in Fortnite sometime soon was not. As reported by Forbes, a first look at how the next Marvel character to become part of Fortnite canon was accidentally shown in the game’s creative item documents, no datamining required.

Since Scarlet Witch has only been shown from behind, it’s currently impossible to know whether she has been modelled after Elizabeth Olsen’s MCU take on the character or not. Fortnite and Marvel tend to go back and forth on that. Dr. Strange, who was introduced to kick off the current season, looks nothing like Benedict Cumberbatch. However, Tom Holland and Zendaya both had their likenesses added to the game to coincide with the arrival of Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As for when Obi-Wan and Scarlet Witch will be available in Fortnite, even though the former is the one that has been officially teased, it seems likely Wanda Maximoff will be the one who shows up first. Scarlet Witch will play a key role in The Multiverse of Madness which hits cinemas tomorrow. Obi-Wan doesn’t debut on Disney+ until May 27, which could mean he debuts in Fortnite to close the two-week period during which lightsabers and those aforementioned nine characters will be available again.


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