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spray fountain, junkyard crane and vending machine is one of the most eye-catching Spray & Pray missions for Fortnite season 10.

For Fortnite season 10 Epic Games has shaken up how challenges work, replacing them with missions.

These are themed challenges that unlock every week, with the Spray & Pray challenges having a graffiti theme.

Other big challenges in this set of missions include find lost spray cans and visit graffiti billboards.

The Fortnite Spray & Pray challenges leaked on the season 10 launch day so fans have had plenty of time to figure out solutions to the missions.

And one of those who figured out a solution for spray a fountain, a junkyard crane and a vending machine was YouTuber Gamer Hex.

In a post online they revealed the locations Fortnite Battle Royale players need to head to to solve the Spray & Pray challenge.

First up is the Fortnite fountain, which can be found right in the centre of the Mega Mall POI.

Just head to that location and spray the Mega Mall fountain to complete the first step of the challenge.

Next up is the Fortnite junkyard crane, which can be found in Junk Junction.

Finally, Fortnite players need to tag a vending machine – which can be found all over the Battle Royale map.

Gamer Hex said one of the most obvious locations to spot a vending machine would be in Shifty Shafts.

In case you’re wondering, then here is the full list of leaked Fortnite Spray & Pray challenges…


Normal Challenges

• Deal damage with SMGs to opponents (500)

• Spray a Fountain, a Junkyard Crane, and a Vending machine (1)

• Spray different Gas Stations (3)

• Find lost Spraycans (5)

• Deal damage to opponent structures with a Minigun (3,000)

• Eliminate opponents with an SMG less than 15m away (3)

• Search Chests at Tilted (7)

Prestige Challenges

• Eliminations with an SMG in a single match (2)

• Search Chests inside containers with windows (5)

• Spray cars or trucks in different Named Locations (6)

• Visit graffiti covered billboards in a single match (2)

• Damage opponents with a Minigun (500)

• Eliminate opponents with an SMG less than 5m away (5)

• Eliminate opponents in Tilted with the Tilted Teknique outfit (5)

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