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The Fortnite season 11 release date is a true mystery that only Epic Games has an answer for.

Taking place during the evening of October 13, the Fortnite Season 10 “End” event well and truly lived up to its name, as the entire map disappeared into a black hole.

Indeed, at the time of writing, Fortnite is still offline and unplayable, with only a black hole remaining.

Where is Season 11? When will Chapter 2 launch? Has Fortnite been deleted? These are the questions on everybody’s lips.

Fortnite developer Epic remains tight-lipped, having blacked out its social media pages, and posted a series of blank images on the likes on Instagram.

Nobody can login to Battle Royale, and anybody watching the Fortnite season ending live stream can only see the black hole.

Fans had expected the game to return late Sunday evening, or on the morning of October 14 at the very latest.

But it looks like we could be facing an even lengthier delay, at least if these newly released odds are anything to go by.

Based on newly released odds from Paddy Power, Fortnite won’t return until October 17.

“An asteroid caused the end of season 10 of video game Fortnite, by blowing up the map and replacing it with a black hole,” reads a Paddy Power post.

“Fans are now unable to play, and bookmakers have priced up when gameplay will resume after the “The End” event on Sunday 13.

“Irish bookies Paddy Power make Thursday October 17 the most likely return date at evens, with many players expecting this to be when the game will be back online.

“However, it’s rated just 4/1 that players will have to wait until Friday, or 10/1 that it isn’t back online before the end of the week.

“And, with Elon Musk previously making a joke about buying the game just to delete it, it’s rated 100/1 that season 11 never surfaces, or 50/1 that it isn’t released in 2019.”

While many fans believe the game will return before October 17 (most hope it will, at least), there is some evidence to support a Thursday launch.

New Fortnite seasons typically launch on Thursdays, so history definitely supports this theory.

Information previously found in the game’s files also suggested that the “End” event would take place on October 13 and would continue until October 17.

However, other leaks point towards an October 15 release date for Chapter 2.

“BREAKING: I have independently confirmed the authenticity of a discovery that points to “The-End” lasting until Tuesday, 6AM EST,” reads a tweet from Fortnite dataminer Lucas7Yoshi.

Express Online will continue to post all the latest news, leaks and rumours ahead of the Season 11 release date.

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