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Having spent most of Season 7 unlocking the different pieces needed for it, it appears the Fortnite Prisoner is now complete.

Stage 4 was unlocked by Epic Games on Saturday, letting players find the final location needed for its final form.

For those that don’t know, the Fortnite Prisoner is a special challenge made available by the development team to Battle Pass owners.

By finding all the secret battle stars and unlocking all the loading screens and banners, players became eligible for a new skin.

Combined, this was called the Snowfall Challenge, with four stages available to unlock after getting the new skin.

Leakers found the complete set before each stage dropped, meaning we knew for some time that there were only four stages to complete.

But the whole thing has left fans wondering just what might be being saved for the end of Season 7.

It’s fair to say that the Fortnite Prisoner looks a lot better than he did, having had a massive lock on his head.

But what if Epic Games has something more up their sleeve?

Current theories suggest that the Prisoner is the Fire King, the opposite of the Ice King and the thing that will bring about the end-season event.

Data miners have found evidence to suggest that there could be some big storms hitting the island heading into Season 8.

So it’s entirely possible that the Prisoner will evolve into a stage 5 skin, and become the Fire King.

For one thing, the Ice King has a cool thorny crown popping out of its head, something that is missing from the current Prisoner design.

It would certainly make for a big surprise for most fans, who believe the skin is now complete.

So with the Prisoner an important of the current Fortnite Season story, there’s always the chance of something big happening.

However, it should be noted that there is no evidence to support such a thing happening right now.

Cracks are still appearing in the ground, meaning that Epic Games are building towards something.

And with Season 7 expected to end around February 28, there is plenty of time for more big events to unfold.

But what if the Fortnite Prisoner skin had a stage 5 to unlock? What would that look like?

Someone has done the honours of mocking up a stage 5 design for the prisoner, complete with spiky horn.

The design was shared on Reddit by Noblebatterfly and sees the Prisoner’s lava spots ignite into open flame.

“Y’know that does look sick, but the flames would block FOV like crazy,” one user commented.

“I mean I’d still wear it because I’m a fashionnite, but I tend to put myself at a disadvantage with my skins anyways.”

Another posted: “ One feature I would like in the future is reactive styles. Instead of this being the ‘stage 5’ make it a reactive feature of the stage 4 style.

“Of course it goes without saying that this would be a nice feature for other skins, not just the Prisoner, but his stage 4 is the perfect place to start.”

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