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earthquakes have already begun, with more expected to send shockwaves through the Battle Royale map.

There have been plenty of mini tremors felt in Fortnite recently, but the first major shock came on Thursday February 14 after the update 7.40 release.

This shock caused a huge crack to appear in the ground near Tomato Temple, with the gap in the earth emerging in real-time.

And according to leaks from dataminers, more Fortnite earthquakes are on the horizon.

Here is the latest on when Fortnite fans can expect the next earthquake to hit.


The first three Fortnite earthquakes occurred at around seven hour intervals.

However, after that the Fortnite earthquakes are expected to occur at varying intervals.

A post by Twitter user @FireMonkeyFN outlined all the times that the Fortnite earthquakes are meant to occur.

This was figured out using datamined assets, with two quakes occurring most days.

The exceptions to this are a few days when either a single quake occurs or three Fortnite earthquakes hit.

The final day that Fortnite earthquakes will occur takes place on February 26 (for those on eastern time) and February 27 for those on GMT.

So the last Fortnite earthquakes will occur in the final stages of Fortnite season 7, with season 8 expected to start on February 28.

You can find a chart of when the Fortnite earthquakes should hit – in eastern time – in this story, courtesy of @FireMonkeyFN.


The first Fortnite earthquake hit near Tomato Temple, with the second striking between Tomato Temple and Lazy Links.

The third area then occurred directly besides Lazy Links.

It had originally been thought the cracks could be related to Tomato Temple due to the location of the first two openings.

But it appears the Fortnite earthquake cracks – at the time of writing at least – are simply moving further away from Tomato Temple.

At the moment the cracks are moving west, with it likely these chasms in the earth will emerge at places throughout the Battle Royale map.

You can click here to find out the latest timer countdown for when the next Fortnite earthquake should hit.

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