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BULLSEYE – UPDATE ONE: The Fortnite bullseye challenges are now live in the season 10 Battle Pass.

If you’re struggling to find the map locations to complete the Fortnite bullseye challenge then don’t worry, is here to help.

You can find all the Fortnite bullseye map locations you need to complete the week 9 challenge below.

ORIGINAL: Fortnite bullseye map locations will be one of the main talking points for Battle Royale fans once the week 9 season 10 challenges launch today.

As per usual, the latest Fortnite challenges have leaked ahead of them officially going live in the season 10 Battle Pass.

And one of the most eye-catching leaked Fortnite season 10 challenges is land on different bullseyes.

Seeing as the Fortnite challenges leaked early it gave Battle Royale fans plenty of time to figure out solutions to it.

One of those who figured out how to solve Fortnite land on different bullseyes was popular YouTuber BULL – Fortnite.

In a post online BULL – Fortnite showed fans all the locations they’d need to solve the latest challenge.

The bullseye spots aren’t live right now but BULL – Fortnite has figured out the three locations players will need to head to.

The first one is in Paradise Palms in square G9 on the Battle Royale map. The bullseye will be found on top of a dusty mountain in the area.

The second bullseye map location is near the submarine in square B8 on the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

And the third and final spot is in square C6 just north of Greasy Grove.

You can find pictures of all the spots you need to head to to complete this Fortnite challenge in this article.

And, in case you’re wondering, then here is a full list of the leaked Fortnite week 9 season 10 challenges…


• Land on different Bullseyes (1)

• Hit Weak Points while harvesting (50)

• Get an elimination with a Sniper Rifle (1)

• Hit easy firing range target (1)

• Complete the skydiving course over Fatal Fields after jumping from the Battle Bus (4)

• Hit Headshots (10)

• Destroy Loot Carries from 50m away (2)


• Hit 5 consecutive Weak Points while harvesting (1)

• Destroy Loot Carriers from 100m away (1)

• Hit headshots in a single match (3)

• Hit hard firing range target (1)

• Complete the skydiving course over Dusty Depot after jumping from the Battle Bus (4)

• Hit headshots with a Scoped weapon (3)

• Land a Bottle Flip on a target near a giant fish, llama, or pig (1)

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